Congratulations! You made it through the first blizzard of 2018. On top of that, you have also made it to temperatures above freezing for the first time since December 26th. The last two weeks have proven difficult to live in Massachusetts.  Now what are we left with? Dirty snow creating large snow banks, slush all over the place, and probably, a filthy car.

Protect Your Car in the Winter

After a few weeks in this type of weather, your car probably has this gray “dust-like” material covered all over. If you value your car, you should take it to a car was a few times during the winter. In that “dust-like” material on your car you’ll find:

Magnesium chloride
Sodium choloride
Potassium acetate
Calcium choloride
Calcium magnesium

These are all mostly salt based chemicals left behind from the snow removal department of your town. While it helps with the snow removal and the safety of the roads, it is disastrous to your vehicle. These salt chemicals will wreck havoc on your clear coat and lower the value of your car if you allow them to sit for a while.  Its also important when you are cleaning that you remove snow and ice from your wheel wells and under carriage.

The exterior of your car isn’t the only part that should be cleaned during the winter. Another part that will get destroyed from snow, salt, and slush is your interior. Specifically your floor mats. These should be vacuumed and even shampooed during the winter to keep clean.

Although its a pain to take care of these things during the cold winter months it will pay off in the long run.

Is your car acting funny after all this cold weather? Battery not working as well as you’d like? Transmission acting up? If you need help with your vehicle, bring it to the experts at Everett Transmission.


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