Why Won’t My Car Shift Gears?

Transmission issues are common and can be dealt with by you or a professional. Anyone can prevent such problems through regular maintenance and appropriate driving. However, complications can happen out of nowhere. It can be confusing trying to figure out your transmission and how it works; continue reading below to learn about transmissions and why your car cannot shift gears. 


Check Your Transmission Fluid

Low or dirty transmission fluid could be why your car cannot switch gears. Transmission fluid is there to help lubricate your transmission to prevent the friction of the moving parts from drying it out. Over time, dirt and debris will contaminate the fluid; dirty fluid can negatively affect your gears by not giving the proper lubrication it needs. If your transmission fluid is dirty, it is in your best interest to immediately change it to prevent further damage to your car. 

Shift Lock

Cars with automatic transmissions have a safety precaution called shift lock that allows you to shift out of park once the driver steps on the break. This prevents accidents from occurring. However, sometimes the shift lock can jam or malfunction, which may cause your vehicle not to shift gears. Check for a shift lock override in your car, or contact a professional for a quicker fix. 

Gear Issues

If your gears are not correctly aligned or are damaged, it will prevent your car from shifting gears properly. Gears that are misaligned can cause wearing and friction, which will impact the longevity of your vehicle. Perform regular gear maintenance to avoid future issues, or hire a professional to assist you. 

Damaged Linkage Wire

Although uncommon, the cables and wires in your car can snap and break over time. The linkage to your transmission can be severed if constantly rubbing against sharp edges. Because of this, your vehicle may not get into gear at all and will need professional repair. Since this problem is uncommon, it is usually challenging to identify. 

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