One common issue with transmissions is when they “slip”. Whether you have an automatic or manual transmission, any issues with the gears that cause your transmission to slip between gears can make driving less safe. As soon as you notice any issue or irregularity with your transmission you should make a repair appointment. Not only is driving with a faulty transmission unsafe for you and other motorists, the quicker you get your car looked at the less expensive the repairs will likely be.

What Does A Transmission Slipping Feel Like?

The most common symptom of a transmission slipping is slow/weak acceleration or hard shifting. Often people will hear grinding or whining sounds when trying to shift gears, and in an automatic transmission, you will likely notice that it is difficult to stay in the same gear. Engines might rev or chug and in some cases your vehicle is incapable of going in reverse.

How Do You Stop A Transmission From Slipping?

If your transmission is already slipping you should take it into to a local transmission shop that can make adjustments and repairs. If you want to prevent your transmission from slipping in the first place, make an effort to change your transmission fluid according to your vehicle maker’s recommendations. Additionally, avoiding erratic driving can remove some of the pressure on your transmission kit.

What Causes A Transmission To Slip?

A transmission could be slipping for many different reasons. This also means there are many different solutions to your transmission problem. One of the most common issues is that your transmission fluid is either low or burned. You need to change out your fluid regularly, (for more information check out our article on fluid replacement). Beyond simply having the right fluid, driving erratically can also cause wear and tear. Transmission bands and clutches need to be able to engage and release in order for your transmission to work correctly. If these components wear down over time (often caused by misuse) they can cause problems with switching gears and stay in the correct gear.

Can You Safely Drive A Car With A Slipping Transmission?

Generally speaking, you do not want to drive with a bad transmission just like you don’t want to drive with bad brakes. A bad transmission can make driving unsafe for you and other motorists on the road. If your transmission slips the best decision is to have a mechanic tow your vehicle to their garage until it is properly fixed.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Slipping Transmission?

The cost of fixing any automotive part varies for many different reasons. The more damage you have, the greater the cost will be to fix it. A small problem can usually be placed with an adjustment, a realignment, or simply switching out a few components. Larger problems lead to needing a full kit removal and replacement. In some cases, the make and model of your vehicle can also alter the price of repair. The best way to find out the price for your transmission service is to get a quote.

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