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Why Is My Check Engine Light Blinking?

The check engine light might be one of the most dreaded symbols on your dashboard. That being said it is invaluable at keeping you and other motorists safe. While we all hope that the light coming on is a glitch and might try and hit the dashboard or turn the car off and back on, it’s important to understand what the light means. If your check engine light comes on or is blinking you should make an appointment with a nearby auto repair shop. If you live in the Boston area, we would be happy to help you with engine repair, towing, and more.

What Does a Blinking Check Engine Light Mean

For some vehicles, whether the light comes on or blinks might mean a difference. If the light is on and steady this means there is a minor issue with your engine, however, if the light blinks on and off this could mean you have an issue with your engine that needs immediate attention. In the latter, you should avoid driving and consider having someone tow your vehicle to a local auto repair shop, this is especially true if your engine is overheating. However, if you have to drive in order to get the vehicle to a repair shop, you should avoid driving at high speeds.

Catalytic Converter Issues

When a catalytic converter fails the check engine light in your vehicle may come on. Your catalytic converter helps convert energy throughout your vehicle. If a converter fails you will likely notice your vehicle moving sluggishly, you may see/smell smoke and your car might pump out a lot of carbon monoxide. You should immediately get your car to an auto repair service as soon as possible. Once there your mechanic can tell you if it is better to replace your converter or to replace your vehicle, as catalytic converter repairs can be steep.

When Do You Need To Replace Spark Plugs

If you drive an older vehicle you may need to have your spark plugs replaced. More modern vehicles are designed with spark plugs that can last up to 100,000 miles, but if you have an older vehicle you may need to get them replaced much sooner. In those situations, you should visit a vehicle repair shop to have your spark plugs replaced.

Contact Everett Transmission for Engine Repair Services

If you need your engine repaired and live in Greater Boston, we would be happy to set up a vehicle repair service. We also provide towing so if your vehicle won’t start or you are worried about driving it safely, we can help.

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