As anyone who owns an automobile knows, identifying the cause of any issues relating to your vehicle can be the cause of a major headache. The same can be said for when driver’s experience their car shaking during times of breaking. Although this is a very dangerous problem that should be addressed immediately, the root cause is actually often easy to identify due to the fact that more often than not the problem lies with the automobile’s brakes. But unfortunately, resolving this issue isn’t as simple as simply repairing your brakes as they are comprised of many parts that could be the root cause such as pads, rotors, drums, and more.

Brake Rotors

Brake pads are withheld from being parallel to the rotor face when there is excessive runout presence. This means that there is a wobble that could also be caused by a variation in thickness amongst rotors. The most common sensation felt in the scenario is a slight pulsation on the brake pedal as well as shaking in the steering wheel. Replacing or repairing your vehicle’s rotors is what needs to be done if you are experiencing these issues. Having a professional mechanic, like those found at Everett Transmission, take a look will help ensure that any potential issues are properly identified and addressed. Rotors that are still up to par with manufacturer specifications can often be machined and reused although many individuals in this situation will have to resort to replacing the rotors all together.

Brake Drums

Out-of-round brake drums can be the cause of a brake pedal pulsation as well as the scraping and squealing noise many automobile owners are familiar with. The team of expert professionals at Everett Transmission can help give your brake drums a visual inspection in order to identify any issues before repairing and replacing them. Similar to the brake rotors, any brake drums that continues to meet the manufacturer’s specifications can be simply machined and reused but more often than not a full replacement is needed when vibration is being caused by a brake drum.

Do away with shaking today thanks to help from Everett Transmission!

The team of professionals at Everett Transmission can help you resolve any shaking issues you are experiencing with your car thanks to a variety of available brake services. Whether you need help with these brake services or any others, contact us today for more information about us and how we can help!

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