Transmission fluid is essential to keeping your transmission running smoothly. However, knowing how often you need to change your transmission fluid can be confusing because while the manufacturer might say one thing, the dealership may say another, and a mechanic will say something else! In reality, it isn’t that difficult to know when to change your transmission fluid. Even if you aren’t a gearhead and have no idea how to change a tire, knowing when to change your fluid is as simple as following a few easy rules.

Transmission Fluid Based on Mileage

Generally, every 30,000 to 60,000 miles your car needs a transmission fluid change. You may notice that is a rather large span. That is because there is a large window for cars to change their fluid. You will definitely want to change your fluid sooner rather than later, as a lack of good fluid can lead to damage which leads to expensive repairs.

Time Between Fluid Changes

Transmission fluid follows the “whichever comes first rule”. If you drive a lot, you will probably need to track your fluid based on mileage. But if you rarely use your car for more than quick trips in and out of town, it might be safer to track fluid based on time. In addition to watching the mileage of your car, we recommend changing your transmission fluid once every 2-4 years. Driving safely will also increase the lifespan of your fluid. Driving unsafely can put more stress on your transmission and require you to change your fluid more often. But aside from tracking timing or mileage, you should always check your fluid.

How To Check Your Transmission Fluid

Look at your transmission fluid once a month to make sure the fluid still looks healthy. Once you notice a change in color or odor, it’s time for a transmission fluid change. Healthy transmission fluid is red in appearance. A slightly darker color is normal, but once it goes beyond that to a dark brownish red or has a different scent, it needs to be changed.

Special Circumstances

There are certain circumstances that will increase the need to change your fluids. Vehicles used for towing or snow plowing should be watched very closely, as well as those that regularly drive in stop and go traffic around rush hour. Hot climates can also wear down the integrity of your transmission fluid more quickly. In these cases, you may need a transmission fluid change as often as every 15,000 miles.

Get Your Transmission Serviced at Everett Transmission

Everett Transmission in Everett, Massachusetts serves Boston drivers the best services for transmission repair, replacement, and maintenance. If you have questions about changing your transmission fluid or about your transmission in general, come to our shop, we can help you get sorted out. Give us a call today to set up an appointment! Changing your transmission fluid regularly is a lot cheaper than repairing or replacing the transmission.

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