All automotive fluids start to wear away as time passes which is why it is important to be educated on each so you know when they have gone bad and need to be replaced. The deterioration is hastened by factors such as carrying heavy loads, stop-and-go traffic driving, and towing trailers because when these events happen the transmission’s operating temperature rises. Transmission works to counteract this added stress to the transmission by lubricating parts that are moving and helping to facilitate gear shifts. These are some of the many reasons why it is vital to know why your transmission fluid needs to be replaced, how to know if it’s gone bad, and how often it should be replaced.

Why Replace Transmission Fluid

As discussed, transmission fluid wears away just like all other vehicle fluids, especially when it is put through more stressful work periods. Even then, filters that are made to catch foreign contaminant can clog over time and cause a lack of fluid in key parts of the transmission. This leads to a variety of things such as slow shifting, gears that slip, or a ringing noise when you speed up.

Knowing When To Act

In transmissions that are automatic, there is a visible change within the transmission fluid as it gets older. The liquid will become darker until it is at the point of a brown or close black that signals to the automobile owner that the time to change their car’s transmission fluid has arrived. In addition to this there are several other signs that include things such a burning odor or dirt and debris within the liquid.

Replacement Frequency

Your automobiles owner manual will contain a maintenance schedule that you should check for the manufacture recommendations regarding when to service your vehicles transmission fluid. Depending on your make and model the number can be anywhere between 40,000 and 150,000 miles but most individuals believe that you can’t go wrong replacing the transmission fluid in your vehicle every 50,000 miles.

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