At Everett Transmission in Everett, Massachusetts we are the top transmission repair shop in Greater Boston. We work on both manual and automatic transmissions and have been in business for decades. Often times working on the same vehicle as it gets past on from generation to generation. One of the transmission services we offer is the repair or replacement of your vehicles transmission cooler.  If you aren’t too familiar with your transmission cooler we’ll go over what it is and what it does in this blog.

What Is A Transmission Cooler?

As you can probably infer the transmission cooler plays a role in… cooling. The fluid that is heated by your transmission, engine, or power staring pump gets routed to the transmission cooler. Air then moves over the fins of the cooler and cools the fluid. Eventually that fluid is routed back to the parts of the engine which cause the fluid to heat up in the first place. This is obviously a crucial aspect of a healthy functioning transmission.

The number one downfall of transmissions and engines in general is when overheating occurs. Over heating can cause issues with you entire engine, including the possibility of you, “blowing a gasket”, which is something no vehicle owner wants to hear. A healthy transmission cooler plays a critical role in ensuring that your transmission stays at a temperature that is within a safe operating level.

If you are having issues your transmission cooler in the Greater Boston area, bring it into Everett Transmission today. We will diagnosis the issue and recommend if it makes sense to repair or replace the part. Contact us today for more information!


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