If you have ever dealt with transmission slipping, you know it can be a costly issue for your vehicle. Transmission slipping is more common with automatic cars as it is in manual cars. But what exactly is happening in your vehicle when your transmission is slipping?

What is Transmission Slipping?

For manual transmissions, picture a slipping transmission like having a worn out clutch in your vehicle. For automatic transmissions there  are a variety of clutches, brakes, and bands that engage and disengage parts of the gears. If you think your vehicle has a slipping transmission, it may need to be repaired or replaced. 

What causes Transmission Slipping?

Low Fluid Levels – Low fluid levels are on of the most common issues that can happen in your car. They can also hurt your transmission. Fluid levels affect the heating of your vehicle and hydraulic pressure that engages your gears.

Transmission Fluid Leak– If you have recently filled up your transmission fluid, and are still experiencing issues, you may have a transmission fluid leak.  A transmission reseal can take care of this issue.

Gear Problems-  With enough time, the gears in your vehicle start to wear our either due to wear and tare or malfunction. These gears wont link together properly, which causes issue with your transmission.

If you have encountered any of these issues, or believe there is something else wrong with your vehicle’s transmission, there is no better place to bring your car than to Everett Transmission. We specialize in transmission problems and have decades of experience identifying and solving transmission issues.


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