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Realistically, you always want your automobile to be running smoothly, but sometimes that’s just not the case. From excessive vibrating, bumping to wobbling, these are all signs of potential automotive issues. If you’re unsure of what the problem is, your first step is to look into a correct diagnosis. There are many factors that could be contributing to your bumpy ride and here are the most common!

  • The first thing to check are your car’s tires. This is not only the most common issue, but when it comes to repairs, it’ll be the most affordable! Things like incorrectly aligned wheels, insufficient air or rocks or debris in tires can cause a bumpy ride.
  • Your car’s suspension is used to ensure your tires stay on the road and you have a smooth drive. When your suspension is having an issue, you’ll definitely be able to feel the difference. Signs of a faulty suspension include a bouncing car as you stop, feeling a significant impact if you drive through a pothole or your car leaning to one side. If any of these signs are present as you’re driving, you’ll want to have your springs inspected and repaired or replaced.
  • Ideally, you don’t want to find out that there is a transmission issue with your car, but it could be the reason for your bumpy car ride. A clear indication that there is a problem with your transmission is if there is some bumpiness when you attempt to shift gears. It’s important to know that the longer you let this issue persist, when it comes time you have it fixed, it’s going to be more complicated and expensive.
  • If your bumpy ride is accompanied by a set of squealing brakes that seem more sensitive or less reactive, your brakes could be the problem. Much like a transmission problem, it’s best to have your brakes checked sooner than later to prevent them from getting worse.

Regardless of the problem that is behind your bumpy ride, you’ll want to have the issue identified and repaired or replaced right away. For transmission repairs and other auto services, contact the experts at Everett Transmission today! Schedule an appointment online or by calling us at 617-387-9558.

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