Newer vehicles rely on computers to handle many of the mechanical components. And while technology can help our vehicles run more efficiently and make us aware when there is an issue, there can be some problems when our cars’ computers are improperly calibrated. Because of the relationship between computational technology and mechanical components, there is sometimes a need for reprogramming or “reflashing” to help ensure that your car is performing.

What Is A Transmission Reflash?

In its simplest terms, a reflash is an upgrade to your car’s computer. Just like how you need to update the software on your laptop or on your phone, your vehicle’s computer may need updates. There are a few reasons your vehicle might need to be reprogrammed. In some cases, you might notice glitches or bugs that need to be fixed with an update. In other cases, your vehicle may need to be recalibrated. When a car comes off the assembly line, the computer is calibrated to be in tune with the brand new engine and transmission. However, wear and tear as you drive may be cause for an update. Additionally, if you notice that your check engine light comes on too often, it may be a sign that there is an issue with your computer’s diagnostics system.

When Do I Need A Transmission Reflash?

In a modern vehicle with an automatic transmission, you may start to notice that your transmission is acting up. Automatic transmissions use sensors and solenoids to communicate with your vehicle’s computer. If the software in the computer needs an update you might notice it when driving because of issues with the transmission. If your transmission starts slipping or you notice poor shift quality, this could be a sign that either your transmission itself needs repairs or the computer that oversees the automatic needs to be updated.

Other Signs That Your Car Computer Needs an Update

Your transmission is just one of many vehicle components that are affected by your vehicle’s computer. If you notice that your battery drains quickly, brakes wear unevenly, problems with your ABS, or similar issues, this might be a sign that your vehicle’s computer needs to have its software recalibrated or updated.

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