Did you know that in modern vehicles there are over 30,000 parts and components in it that compose your car, truck or suv? Some of these components work alone, some with others. All come together to create modern vehicles that work at peak performance. If you are an amateur mechanic, someone who likes to take care of their vehicle on their own before bringing it into service, you should be familiar with your belts. Let’s take a look at 3 common belts and learn what they do.

Serpentine Belts: 

The serpentine belt is one of the most familiar belts. You have probably heard a serpentine belt referenced in a movie or TV show by now if a character needs to sound like they know a thing or two about cars.

Serpentine’s are responsible for power steering pumps, cooling fans, injection pumps, air conditioning, and many other functions. Arguably your most important belt, if this breaks, you likely aren’t moving.

Drive Belts: 

If you have an older vehicle, it may have a drive belt. These belts run off of the crank pulley, and generally only go through one or two accessories. If you have an older vehicle and you hear a “squealing” coming from your engine, this could indicate a loose drive belt.

To test your drive belt, push down on it at the middle of its longest point, it shouldn’t give by more than a half an inch. This is the happy medium for drive belts, any more or less and it’ll be too tight or too loose.


Timing Belts:

Timing belts are responsible for connecting your upper engine to your lower engine. Sometimes they are known as a , “camshaft belt”, because you guessed it, they control the camshaft.

If you are experiencing engine misfires, leaking oil, or have trouble starting your engine, you may want to check your timing belt. Like all belts in your vehicle, you’ll want to check for cracks and wear and tare on your belt. This is an indicator it is time to replace your belt.

Everett Transmission’s team in Everett is here to make sure your vehicles are running at their best capability at all times. Do your belts look worn and torn? If you think it may be time to replace your belts, before the break and leave you stranded, contact us at Everett Transmission for service.


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