One of the most asked questions and most Googled questions is “how much will transmission repairs cost”? It is a pretty straightforward question. But unfortunately, the answer is not nearly as straightforward. If your transmission is slipping, making strange sounds, or you notice any of the other telltale signs of a faulty transmission, what we can say is the earlier the better. Fixing your transmission quickly not only costs less but it also decreases risks to you and other motorists. Every driver has a responsibility to not just drive safely but to also to make sure their vehicle is safe by staying on top of repairs. If you need your transmission looked at in Greater Boston give us a call. But if you are wondering about how the cost will be determined here are a few things to consider.

The Severity of Damage To Your Transmission

The longer you drive with a bad transmission, the worse the damage will be. Just like how a little tooth decay causes a cavity but left unchecked you will need a root canal or an extraction. Leaving your transmission unchecked can move you from needing repairs and adjustments to replacements and rebuilds. Repairs can cost anywhere between $300 to $1400. This is greatly influenced by how quickly you make an appointment.

Manual Transmission Vs Automatic Transmission Repair

The type of transmission you have will affect the price. Generally, automatic transmissions run at higher costs. This is because automatic transmissions have more moving parts which lead to higher costs for repairs and replacements.

Make and Model Of Your Vehicle

Of course, another thing to consider is what type of car or truck you are driving. While transmissions are universal in every vehicle, the specific components may vary. Rarer unique parts usually cost your mechanic more. As a general rule of thumb, foreign vehicles cost more to fix. Because their parts need to be imported, that factors into the cost. Whereas American vehicles do not require international shipping for parts.

Who You Hire

And of course, one of the most important factors is who you hire. There are some things to consider when finding a mechanic. You want someone experienced, with decades of service, good reviews, and consistent results. Different mechanics will provide different quotes. But beware of quote shopping. Paying cheap prices, gets cheap results. No one wants to be overcharged, but no one wants to spend money only for their transmission to break in a week, or to find out that other parts of the vehicle suddenly don’t work. Always check reviews, always work with people who can adequately explain the work they will do and what it will cost.

Boston Transmission Repair

If you need your transmission repaired in Greater Boston, come to our team in Everett. Our team has decades of experience working with drivers from all over New England. And transmissions are in our name. If you need your transmission fixed, you can rest assured you will get great service and a fair price from us. Contact us today to set up your appointment.

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