What Causes My Car To Shake When I Drive?

Does your car or truck vibrate or shake when you drive? Unless you are driving on loose gravel, this could be a sign there is an issue with your vehicle. In this article, we will cover a few of the common causes for your car to feel bumpy when driving on paved roads. If you have questions about your vehicle or would like to make an appointment in the Greater Boston area, please contact Everett Transmission for more information.

How Tire Alignment Affects Your Vehicle

One of the most common reasons for a vehicle to drive in a way that feels bumpy is an issue with alignment. The simplest thing that can affect alignment is a worn-out or flat tire. Always inspect your tires first if you notice an issue where your car leans to one side or does not drive smoothly. If you have a flat tire or a loss of air pressure you may need to replace the tire. Rotating your tires frequently can help prevent damage to your vehicle caused by driving unevenly. Unveven tire wear can lead to problems over time so it is important to make sure you check often. Between inspections from a mechanic and at-home inspections, you should be able to keep these issues in check.

Issues With The Suspension & Joints

However, its not always the tires that cause problems. If you have inspected or rotated your tires or gotten new tires and you are still noticing issues when turning it could be your suspension. If your suspension is loose or joints are excessively worn this can cause your car to vibrate when driving. In this instance you should bring your vehicle to a local mechanic that provides suspension repair services.

Issues With Transmission

Another common issue that causes a car to shake or jitter when driving is issues with the transmision. If you notice that the shakign happens when shifting gears, it is likely a transmission slipping. You want to make sure you make an auto appointment as soon as possible when there is an issue with your transmission. Not only can it become unsafe to drive with a bad transmission it can also cause irreversible damage. The difference between getting repairs and replacements can often come down to how much damage was done to the transmission. As soon as you notice slipping especially when shifting into gears, you should consider a transmission solution.

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