Although automobile clutches are designed to last for a long time, their lifespan is often cut short due to a variety of normal everyday tasks such as towing heavy loads from the back of your vehicle. Although, there are a variety of other driving practices that are considered common that actually have a negative impact on the health of a vehicle’s clutch.

Riding The Clutch

The first step in understanding how to avoid wear and tear on your vehicles clutch is that if the clutch pedal is not all the way up, you’re wearing away on the clutch. This is a common mistake that even most educated individuals are guilty of committing, likely while sitting in traffic. Despite the fact that the clutch pedal was made to be used, the less time it is in an engaged position, the better.

Incorrect Shifting

Incorrect shifting can be considered a death sentence to the clutch of any automobile. Whether its letting the clutch pedal out before your complete in gear or attempting to shift prior to the clutch being entirely disengaged, the clutch is being negatively impacted. This is because it leads to a variety of issues that increase the rate of wear and tear just as dampener spring banging, possible disc scratching and even warping due to heat.

Preventing Rollback

Anyone who drives a standard understands the difficulty of preventing rollback while on a hill. This is what leads the very same drivers to endlessly look for tricks that will make it easier to prevent this rollback scenario from happening. More often than not one can find a sweet spot on their clutch pedal which allows their vehicle to remain in place even while on a hill. Despite this method being effective in terms of rollback, it is quite the opposite in regard to lengthening the lifespan on your automobile’s clutch.

Contaminated Clutch

One final cause that can lead to an automobile’s clutch wearing away faster than intended is unwanted contamination. This contamination often comes in the form of an automobile fluid such as oil which shortens the clutch’s lifespan by getting all over the disc. This can be caused by not only oil but any common automobile fluid such as oil, transmission fluid, and much more.

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