Have you noticed an oil leak under your truck or car? It might be a problem under the hood. Oil leaks can be very dangerous for your vehicle. If you lose oil quickly, your engine will no longer be properly lubricated which can lead to extensive damage to engine components. That is why if you have leaking oil you should quickly solve the problem or schedule an auto appointment.

How Do You Know If Your Car Is Leaking Oil?

There are a variety of liquids that could be leaking from your vehicle, including transmission fluid, oil, or coolant can all leak. Oil creates dark puddles in your driveway, it is usually dark brown or yellowish in color. An oil leak will also cause your engine to overheat or smoke, and your car’s oil light may go off on the dashboard. These are all signs of an oil leak. Alternatively, transmission fluid is reddish in color and will cause issues with your transmission.

What Should You Do If Your Car Is Leaking Oil?

One common mistake vehicle owners will do is not address a leak. If a leak is minor and only a few drops of oil are appearing, they will wait to address the leak until the dashboard light comes on or they start noticing larger issues. This is a terrible mistake to make, even a minor oil leak can cause large problems over time. Your oil protects your engine from severe damage, without oil for an extended period of time your engine may need replacement parts or for the entire engine block to be replaced. Alternatively, a small leak can be solved quickly, and usually, the repairs are inexpensive. There are a variety of reasons you may have an oil leak and if the amount of oil is small, the solution will probably be as well.

What Causes An Oil Leak?

Oil is used throughout your engine to keep things lubricated. Many different components can get damaged causing small to large leaks in oil. You may have an oil leak because of a faulty oil pan, oil seal issues, or degraded engine gaskets. Luckily, most oil leak repairs are relatively simple and affordable. However, if large amounts of oil are leaking out of your vehicle you may have a cracked engine block.

What To Do If Your Engine Block Is Cracked?

When oil is quickly leaking out of your car, it is likely that your engine block is cracked or severely damaged. If your engine block is cracked, you will likely need a new one. Your engine can be replaced by a mechanic. In some cases large amounts of oil will leak because of issues with the head gasket or rear main engine seal are faulty. These repairs can be more expensive than simply replacing an oil pan.

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Everett Transmission is the go-to mechanic shop for drivers in Greater Boston. Everett Transmission has been helping drivers solve problems from transmission rebuilds to oil leaks for decades. If you have an oil leak give us a call to set up an appointment.

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