As part of our ongoing mission to educate automotive owners on their vehicles, today we are going to go over Transmission Pans. While not a glamorous part of your vehicle, it still plays an important role in it’s overall performance.

Transmission Pans are found on the undercarriage of your vehicle. Their main purpose is to hold all of your ATF, or automatic transmission fluid. The ATF is used for fluid pressure, lubrication, and cooling. Automotive enthusiasts may upgrade from their stock pan for improved performance in those areas.

Transmission Pans can cost you from $50 all the way up to $400 for high performance transmission pans.

Other Uses of Transmission Pans

Aside from the aforementioned uses of transmission pans, they also service other purposes.

They protect ATF from foreign contaminants. Collect any dirt or particles through the pans magnet. Prevent objects such as rocks and pebbles from spring leaks. They also help cool the ATF before it goes back into the transmission.

Common Problems of Transmission Pans

  • Although designed to prevent leakage of the ATF, stock pans especially can be punctured and damaged by larger objects on the road
  • Older transmission pans can crack from old age
  • Loose transmission pan bolts or plugs can malfunction

How To Take Care of Your Transmission Pan

  • Inspect the pan frequently. When you get a fluid change done is a perfect time
  • Have the pan cleaned and the magnet cleaned when maintenance is performed
  • Make sure the pan is tightened to manufacturer specifications
  • Make sure the bolts have equal pressure on each side when tightening them

If your transmission pan has been neglected for a while now, or you think its time to upgrade to a high performance transmission pan, contact Everett Transmission today!

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