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Everett Transmission specializes in adjusting, repairing, and replacing transmission. As our namesake, our entire team of transmission mechanics can help you diagnose and fix any problem with your transmission. Our shop in Everett, Massachusetts (only a few miles outside of downtown Boston) is equipped to handle a variety of transmission services.

Competively Priced Transmission Repair Service

Everett Transmission has been seving the greater Boston are since 1962, in our 50+ years of business we have become a mainstay of the Everett community. Our success comes from our dedication to not just superior service from our licensed and certified mechanics, but also our goal to provide all Massachusetts drivers with upfront and straightfoward solutions. We pride ourselves on competitive pricing and the positive reviews we have earned over the years.

Repairing Transmissions in Everett

Transmissions are a vital component to any vehicle. Overall, it is much better for the driver and the vehicle to need repairs over a replacement/rebuild. Replacing a transmission can be costly and only needs to be done when damage to the transmission is irreparable. By maintinaing your transmission year-round with fluid & filter replacements you can avoid an expensive replacement. Everett Transmission works with both automatic transmissions and manual transmissions. By making adjustments to your transmission, we can help you avoid a costly rebuild. For a full list of our transmission services, see below. Also if you have questions about your transmission or want to know the signs your transmission is faulty check out our FAQs and our blog.

Transmission Adjustments & In-Car Repairs: 

Simple adjustments can be done without even removing the transmission from the vehicle. When a transmission is failing to shift correctly, it can be due to a faulty sensor receiving incorrect signals from the computer. Shifting problems can arise when a transmission is not responding due to a bad connection or a defective solenoid pack. When a non computer-controlled transmission shifts too early or too late, the throttle cable may need to be adjusted. Many problems a vehicle’s transmission will disappear after a thorough tune-up or other engine related repairs are completed. Transmissions in older model vehicles can experience what is called “slipping”. A transmission band adjustment is all that is required to correct slipping conditions.

Transmission Reseal Service: 

Spotting of red oil on the ground underneath your vehicle is usually indicative of a leaking transmission. Reseal jobs are done in order to repair external transmission fluid leaks. Checking for leaks involves one of our technicians placing your vehicle on a rack to examine the transmission for signs of oil leaks. If while examining your vehicle our technician notices leaks near any of the external gaskets or seals and your transmission is otherwise performing well, our recommendation will usually the transmission be resealed. While most external seals can be replaced without needing to remove the transmission, a front seal replacement requires the removal of the transmission in order to gain access to it, resulting in a more expensive transmission repair.

Accessible Part Replacement: 

The transmission in your vehicle has numerous parts that are accessible without requiring the removal of your transmission, including the majority of the electrical parts that are serviced simply by removing the oil pan. Repairing a transmission’s external parts may result in limited warranty coverage as it is not possible to see if there is any additional problems with the parts inside the transmission that are only accessible with the complete removal of the transmission.

Complete Transmission Overhaul (Rebuild): 

A complete transmission overhaul, also known as a transmission rebuild, a transmission is completely removed from vehicle and disassembled in our shop. Each of the parts are laid out on a workbench and are inspected for damage. The parts are either cleaned in a special solution or replaced if damaged irreparably. If a part has friction surfaces, such as the case with bands and clutches, then it is replaced. In a complete transmission overhaul all gaskets and seals are replaced as well. The torque converter is replaced during a complete transmission overhaul, being replaced with a remanufactured one. Additionally our technicians will review technical service bulletins to check if the manufacturer of the transmission in question recommends any modifications intended to correct design defects realized after the transmission was built. If a bulletin indicates such a defect then an upgrade kit will be used to resolve any and all design defects.

Transmission Replacement vs. Complete Overhaul: 

When it is determined that your vehicle”s transmission is in need of an overhaul a replacement unit may be a consideration. Rather than removing your existing transmission only to completely disassemble and reassemble it, another option is to replace it with one that has already been rebuilt or remanufactured. There are several things to consider when deciding to use a replacement unit instead of a complete transmission rebuild. Although a replacement unit will get you back on the road much faster it is not always the best solution. There are situations when any given transmission model will have numerous variations dependent upon factors such as model, engine, axle ratio, and even tire size. The resulting problems could vary and might be as simple as a speedometer reading that is too high or low. Alternatively you might have incorrect shift points or even a complete transmission failure due to your engine being more powerful than the one a replacement unit was designed for. Our technicians are aware of these important considerations and will discuss these in detail with you during a service consultation.

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Our team lives and breaths transmission mainteance. If you know what you need done or just know that there is an issue with your car, we can help. Give us a call at 617-387-9558 or visit us at 556 Ferry Street Everett, MA. Our online scheduling form is available 24/7 and as soon as you fill it out our team will be able to work into our schedules.

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