Transmissions are made up of more than 800 parts. This makes it one of the most complicated parts of any vehicle and it has been this way for some time. Ever since the automobile was first invented, the transmission has been an imported but complicated part. Despite early vehicles being rather simple, the transmissions they possessed were anything but. Over time, these transmissions have gone through great amounts of evolution which has left us with the modern-day manual transmission, automatic transmission, and more recent dual-clutch transmission.

Manual & Automatic Transmissions

In the early days of automobiles a little over 100 years ago. Transmission repairs were dealt with directly by the car owner or at best could be taken care of by a chauffeur as these individuals could handle a variety of mechanical tasks back then in addition to their duties driving and parking the vehicle. Until 1938, all of these vehicles were manufactured with manual transmissions that were still extremely complex at this time. Their complexity was shortly outdone that year when the automatic transmission was introduced. This new generation of transmissions also created a new generation of job that had to be filled as the need for mechanics grew greatly. As both manual and automatic transmissions continue to evolve, they also continue to become more complicated to fix when it is needed. Luckily the staff at Everett Transmission has the extensive knowledge required to take care of your transmission project with ease. In addition to knowing how to actually address the problem within the transmission, mechanics must first know how to diagnose the problem which is a complicated process involving numerous steps done on the computer.

Dual Clutch Transmission

The most recent evolution regarding automobile transmissions is the dual clutch transmission. This type of transmission has gained increasing amounts of popularity amongst modern car owners as it provides the driver with a variety of ways to operate their vehicle. Similar to how manual transmission operate the driver has the option to maintain full control over the shifting, but if this is not desired, they can leave the transmission in full automatic mode.

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