Transmission Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently should my transmission’s fluid be changed?

Everett Transmission recommends that our customers change their vehicle’s transmission fluid every 3 years / 36,000 miles. If your vehicle is older, or you use it for hauling heavy loads and/or towing it may be required more frequently. To determine if a fluid change is needed, Everett Transmission recommends an external diagnostic service. An external diagnostic service for a transmission includes checking the level and condition of your transmission fluid, a road test, and putting your car on a lift at our shop to check your external transmission controls.

How long will it take Everett Transmission to check my transmission?

The technicians at Everett Transmission value our customers’ time. Our transmission diagnostic service at Everett Transmission includes checking the condition and level of your vehicle’s transmission fluid, taking your vehicle for a road test, and external transmission control diagnosis. This service usually is completed in about 90 minutes.

What To Do If My Check Engine, Transmission or Overdrive light is On?

When a malfunction occurs, a vehicle’s computer will store a code, relative to the problem, and will display a warning light on the console. These warnings should not be ignored. Early diagnosis, by a qualified transmission technician at Everett Transmission with the proper equipment, can save money and help prevent vehicle failure. We suggest that customers come to our shop in Everett to deal with any issues.

What Transmission Services Does Everett Transmission offer?

If it has a transmission, we can fix it. Our team has been working on transmissions for over 50 years. If you notice an issue with your transmission shop will perform an external diagnostic service. After performing diagnostics our team can handle transmission adjustments, repairs, rebuilds, or replacements. We also handle general transmission maintenance services like fluid and filter replacement.

What Type of Transmission Fluid Should I Use?

Transmissions vary from vehicle to vehicle. So do their fluids. Whenever possible you should consult the recommended transmission fluid provided by your car dealer. It is important to note that used vehicles may have different transmissions than what they had originally. Our transmission shop in Everett offers several different types of transmission fluid brands, which cover all the vehicles we service.

Should I Drive with a Leaking Transmission?

When possible you should never drive with a transmission leak. The transmission in a car or truck is a sealed hydraulic component and any loss of transmission fluid due to a leak will affect the performance of the vehicle. If your transmission is leaking, bring it to our shop immediately for service.

Does Weather Affect My Transmission?

Yes, extreme cold or hot weather combined with poor driving conditions can impact a transmission’s life expectancy. Transmissions can also be damaged from unuse. When seldom driven or usually driven short distances, vehicles may be subject to wear or strain.

How Does Scanning My Transmission Help?

When the transmission specialists at Everett Transmission scan your transmission they are attaching a diagnostic computer to a terminal in the vehicle. The scanning diagnostic tool communicates with the vehicle’s computer to see if any error codes are present. This information is helpful in determining issues with the transmission system’s electrical control system.

Is It Better To Drive In Overdrive or Normal Drive?

Unless driving conditions indicate otherwise, Everett Transmission recommends that our customers with electronically controlled transmissions use overdrive because it has a quieter operation and is better for fuel economy. Normal drive is preferred for towing heavy loads uphill.

What Does a Transmission Slipping Problem Indicate?

The transmission specialists at Everett Transmission are often asked this question by our customers in the greater Everett ~ Boston area. Put simply, a slipping transmission means that when a vehicle attempts to move from a stop, the engine revs and the vehicle can barely move or does not move at all.

What Does a Transmission Cooler Do?

An external transmission cooler does what the name suggests; it cools the transmission. Installing a transmission cooler is ideal for towing large loads or overloading your vehicle. Talk to our specialists to get a transmission cooler installed.

Should I Repair or Replace My Transmission?

One of the most common questions we get at Everett Transmission, is whether or not a transmission needs to be replaced. Many drivers are surprised to learn that their transmission only needs a simple repair to be fixed. Many transmissions can be fixed without even needing them to be removed. Visit our website for a list of transmission services that we perform at our shop:

How Much Does Transmission Repair Cost?

Transmission cost varies depending on what services you need. Variables that will influence cost include determining the cause of your transmission problem, your vehicle’s age and type of transmission, and the specific service or repair that needs to be completed. Everett Transmission offers an external diagnostic service to identify how best to fix your problem. We aim to find the most cost-effective solution that still provides the best service for our clients and offer financing options.

Does Servicing My Automatic Transmission Prevent It From Failing?

Yes, the chances of various types of automatic transmission failure can be minimized when regularly serviced by a transmission specialist at Everett Transmission. Regular servicing can help prevent lubrication related problems as well as those resulting from debris or clogged filters.

What Color is Transmission Fluid?

Transmission fluid is dyed red for identification purposes only. Without using a red dye in transmission fluid the color would be clear to slightly amber. Depending on the brand of fluid used your transmission fluid color may change. However, dark brownish fluid is a sign of problems.

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