carAs most Everett and Boston drivers know, the winter weather can be cruel to your car. We’re known for snow storms, freezing temperatures and potholes, which are not ideal for cars. Spring is the perfect time to wash away the remnants of winter and schedule maintenance for your car. The mechanics at Everett Transmission have put together a list of services to keep in mind this spring.

  • During the winter, we see a lot of salt on the roads to melt ice and snow. While it’s a great way to keep roads clear, it can be dangerous for our car, especially your undercarriage. Go through your local car wash and make sure that the sprayers get to your undercarriage to clean it.
  • We see a lot of potholes during cold weather, which can be harmful to your car’s alignment and suspension. Schedule an alignment check if your car steering wheel is vibrating or your car pulls to one side as you are driving.
  • While you should be having regular oil changes, if your last one was before winter, now is the time to do it! Ask to have your transmission fluid flushed to prevent a costly repair in the future. You should ask to have your window washing, brake and cooling system fluid levels checked as well.
  • Your tires can take a beating during the winter so have your mechanic check the air pressure and rotate them.
  • One of the most important services you can have performed is having your brakes inspected. Replacing brakes can be an expensive repair if not taken care of right away.

Don’t let the winter get the best of your car! Schedule your spring maintenance services today by contacting the experts at Everett Transmission. We can be reached by filling out our online form or by calling us at 617-387-9558.


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