A driver may have many “worst nightmare scenarios” when it comes to being on the road. An over heating engine on the highway during your commute. A blown tire while coming home late at night. There’s no end to things that could go wrong with your vehicle that is older. One of these things is a battery that won’t start while they are far away from help.

On this Everett Transmission blog we’ll cover how often car batteries should be changed and how to tell if a car battery is dying.

How Often Should You Get a New Car Battery

Modern day car batteries handle a wide range of tasks. From starting your engine to running your cars computers and other electronics components. When shopping for new cars, consumers should really look into what type of batteries they take.

Today’s car batteries can last over 5 years with proper car. However some may start to go after 3 years. As with most items that are used on something as laborious as a car, truck, or SUV, the answer is “it depends”.  So if this answer is “it depends” how can you be sure to know when it might be time to change your battery?

Identify Signs of a Dying Car Battery

There are a multiple ways to identify if your car battery is dying. If your cars battery is over 3 years old and you start to experience these symptoms, you should consider diagnosing the problem or potentially replacing your battery.

Slow Engine Start: If when you try to start your car, the engine takes longer than usual to turn over, you could be experiencing a dying engine. If this is happening it should be obvious to you if you are a daily or even weekly driver.

Check Engine Light: This may not be obvious to those who aren’t car enthusiasts, but a check engine light coming on could actually indicate a dying battery. If you check engine light comes on and there is no other obvious problem, you should check your battery.

Inspect The Battery Case: If it has been a while since you opened your the hood to your engine, give it an inspection. Locate your battery case. If it looks warped or “bloated” it could mean the battery is giving off excessive heat due to it being on it’s last legs.

At the end of the day, the best way to tell if it is time to replace your car battery is to have knowledge on the age of your car battery. The manufacture will give you an expected life span. Keep this information in your glove box and you should be able to get it replaced before it’s too late!

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