Every vehicle engine requires lubricants to keep its various components moving efficiently. For many systems, oil is used to keep components moving effectively. Brakes, gears, and steering systems all require oil as a lubricant. A timely oil change can keep your vehicle away from damage and expensive repairs. That’s why it is important to understand the signs that you’re overdue for an oil change.

Signs That You Need To Change Your Oil

Check Engine or Oil Change Light

This should be taken care of as soon as you see an orange or a red light flashing on the dashboard showing a shortage of oil or engine light. In either case, immediately visit a workshop and get the engine oil checked for quantity and quality. Engine light is not a good sign, which shows that lack of regular oil changes put the engine at risk. So deal with it urgently and have a smooth ride.

Engine Issues

Oil provides protective layers between various engine parts, with an aim to avoid metal-to-metal contact. A sign that you are low on oil is issues with your engine. If you hear strange sounds while you drive, they may be caused by metal components colliding inside your engine. Knocking sounds are a sign that your engine is tearing itself apart due to a lack of lubrication. As soon as you hear these noises get your vehicle checked to know it’s because of an oil issue or because of other reasons. Regardless of the cause, the faster you get your vehicle fixed, the better.

Dark Oil & Discoloration and Oil Leaks

Clean new oil is amber in color. After regular use and a lot of circulation in the engine, oil becomes dark and discolored. If you notice that your oil is dark in color, has bits of metal in it, or looks strange, this is a sign that you need new oil. Another thing to watch out for is oil leaks. If you notice liquid dripping underneath your car or you see puddles or stains in your garage, it is likely that you have an oil leak.

Poor Fuel Economy

If your car engine is not getting clean oil, it will not perform well and start giving you lesser mileage. This may be yet another incentive to fix this issue since paying more for gas is something everyone would like to avoid. Lack of clean oil will weaken the engine and reduce its efficiency. If you notice a loss of efficiency, consider bringing your vehicle in for repairs.

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