Your differential is a key component of your vehicle. A differential works by distributing different power to your left and right wheels so that wheels can spin faster or slower during a turn. Through the driveshaft, the differential is connected to the transmission to transfer power from the engine to the wheels. If your differential begins to fail, it can make turning more difficult and greatly impacts the handling of your car. Like many auto-repair jobs, you always want to catch an issue early. Not only will this save money because of smaller damages but it also decreases the risk of driving a car with a damaged differential. Here are a few signs that your differential may need work.

Differential Leaking

First off, if anything is leaking from your vehicle; bring your car into a shop. Whether it is oil, transmission fluid, or differential fluid, leaks lead to damage and damage leads to unsafe driving conditions. Your differential is at the rear of your vehicle if you notice leaking or puddling near the back of the vehicle it may be coming from your differential. Leaks are most common where the differential connects to the driveshaft and at the rear differential cover. Differential fluid appears light grey or brownish compared to transmission fluid which is reddish. A differential without fluid leads to a lack of lubrication which in turn causes extensive and expensive damage to your vehicle. Generally, you should get your differential fluids changed every 30,000 to 60,000 miles (or based on the recommendation for your make and model).

Differential Sounds

If you hear sounds coming from the back of your car, specifically whining or howling it is likely your rear differential. The noise will often change in pitch and can come and go. Often times these noises are ignored by drivers and written off as sounds coming from the back tires. It is important to recognize these sounds and address them quickly. If you ever notice a sound coming from the back of your car, you should investigate it and consider bringing your car in for a quick inspection.

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If you need differential services for your truck or car in the Greater Boston area, Everett Transmission can help. Our team is always available to provide expert mechanic services to drivers in our area. We have served thousands of drivers over multiple decades of business. If you have an issue or you need a problem troubleshot, please contact us.

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