If your car has a manual transmission, you understand that there is a difference in how it’s driven when compared to an automatic transmission car. There is a greater sense of control with driving the manual transmission car because you get to experience dropping the clutch and manipulating the different gears as you wish. Shifting gears will eventually cause wear and tear on the clutch, and you can notice when there’s a problem if you know what to look out for. Let’s look at a few of the warning signs that your clutch is giving out.

Clutch Slippage

Clutch slippage is a very common problem, which is the result of wear on the clutch caused by friction. You tend to notice this the problem when the engine is revving higher than is typical when the clutch pedal is released. The car moves slowly while the engine races, but there is difficulty transferring rotating power to the transmission. Another obvious sign of clutch slippage is a burning smell.

Transmission Fails to Go into Gear

If your clutch pedal moves easily, but the transmission will not go into gear, chances are, you may have a leak in the slave cylinder or in the hose that connects the clutch master cylinder. This may be evident by a low hydraulic fluid level. If a leak is not easily identifiable, it is possible that there is an issue with the clutch disc, release bearing, or pressure plate. A proper diagnosis could establish the exact issue.

Noisy Clutch Pedal

If you hear a noise when you depress the clutch pedal or release it, or both, when the engine is off, your clutch may be giving out. The clutch mechanism is usually the source of the noise, and this tends to occur when lubricant dries out and the mechanism wears down. It is also possible for a cable or rod to begin scraping, squealing, or clunking when the clutch has worn out.

Clutch Pedal Feels Unusual

You know the ins and outs of your car best. You know how it drives because you have been

in the driver’s seat from day one. You can tell if the clutch feels off even if you can’t identify the problem immediately. If your clutch pedal fades or fall to the floorboard with very little pressure, or feels odd, even in a subtle way, get your car checked out because you may need to replace your clutch.

A proper functioning clutch is important for engaging and disengaging the power transmission and allows you to shift gears while you are driving. Regular maintenance of your clutch can be good for the life of your vehicle.

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