One of the most crucial systems to have working optimally within any automobile is the brake system because it plays a vital roll in keeping you and the occupants inside your vehicle safe from harm. As you drive in and around the streets of Everett ~ Boston the automotive brake system wears down over time due to the fact that it is not designed to last for the life of your vehicle. The most common brake service needed is a simple pad replacement which is because every time you depress your pedal the brake pad material wears down against the brake rotor. Fixing this issue before it escalates is key for automobile health because the underlying metal surface of the pads will contact your brakes’ metal rotors If the brake pads are allowed to wear down for too long. Brake pads that are left unchecked quickly lead to unsafe situations in which additional service is often required and brake repair cost increases. Thankfully there are many signs that you can keep an eye, or ear, out for which will indicate that your brakes need some attention.

Common Signs of Brake Issues

Brake Squealing:

The first, and most common, issue that indicates it time to service your brakes is when you start to hear a squealing sound. Many individuals will have experienced this in the past as it is a completely normal event that happens with everyday wear and tear on vehicle brakes.

Braking Less Effective:

This is another sign that is quite easy to identify as you should be able to easily tell when your vehicle starts requiring a little more effort to be used when stopping at all of those stop signs.

Brake Pedal Vibrating:

Another sign that brakes need servicing is when car drivers experience the brake pedal shaking or vibrating. This issue indicates that the brakes are not trustworthy and should be serviced as soon as possible as those in your vehicle are in danger.


Our Brake Services

Here at Everett Transmission, we are proud to offer a wide variety of top quality brake services for your automobile.

  • ABS Brake Repair
  • Brake Fluid Change
  • Brake Lines
  • Brake Replacement
  • Font/Rear Brakes
  • Brake Adjustment
  • Brake Inspection
  • Brake Maintenance
  • Brake Rotos/Drums
  • High Performance Brakes
  • Brake Bleeding
  • Brake Kits
  • Brake Pads/Shoes
  • Disc Brake Repair
  • Parking Emergency Brake

Need Your Brakes Inspected? Contact Everett Transmission Today!

The trained professionals at Everett Transmission will keep your automobile in stop safety standards with affordable brake services. We are proud to staff expert technicians who have the extensive knowledge needed to handle all of your auto repair needs.

If you are interested in contacting us, feel free to request an appointment or give us a call at 617-387-9558 to learn more!



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