If you are like most American drivers, you probably have an automatic transmission. At Everett Transmission, in Everett, Massachusetts, we are experts in automatic and manual transmissions. If you are invested the health of your vehicle and want to learn more about warning signs of potential trouble, be on the look out for these automatic transmission problems.

Transmission Slipping- Ever step on your gas peddle but you don’t accelerate the way you are use to in your vehicle? This could be a sign of your transmission slipping. This could be because of a number of reasons, such as inefficient fluid, defective solenoids, burnt clutch discs or more. A slipping transmission is cause to schedule service on your vehicle.

Overheating- Overheating is cause of many automatic transmission problems. Overheating is often a product of inefficient fluid, so you will want to be on the look out for signs of low, dirty, or burnt fluid. If you see these, transmission problems can follow.

Transmission Fluid Color- Your ATF is used to operate the bands and clutches that your car needs to change gears. It also helps to cool and lubricate many parts of the transmission. If you see that you fluid is dark brown or black, that means its well past the time to change your transmission fluid. This can be forgotten about over time, so make sure to check your transmission fluid monthly.

Low Fluid Levels- While were on the topic of transmission fluid color, you’ll also want to monitor the amount of fluid left. Low fluid levels can cause slipping, shaking, shifting issues, overheating, and straight up transmission failure. Make sure your fluid is filled to the level recommended by the manufacturer.

Notice any of issues with your automatic transmission? Contact Everett Transmission today to schedule service!

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