Constant or consistent engine problems may leave you thinking; is it time to replace the car or the engine? If your engine block is cracked, the spark plugs are melted, or something is just wrong, you may have to consider what makes the most financial sense. At Everett Transmission we always want to remind customers of the importance of only driving when it is safe. If you have major issues with your vehicle you need to consider calling a mechanic. In many cases, the earlier a mechanic can intervene the better for your safety and your wallet. Early intervention might be the difference of needing adjustments vs a replacement. We provide engine repairs and replacement services at our location in Everett. It is a convenient place for drivers all over Greater Boston to get their vehicles repaired.

Engine Repairs vs Engine Replacement

Before we talk about vehicle replacement, we need to troubleshoot how expensive the repairs are going to be. Many engine problems can be solved with some simple repairs. This is especially true if you catch the problem early. Oil leaks (or bad oil) often cause engine problems due to improper lubrication. If you can get your car to a mechanic quickly they can handle both the leak and the engine problem. However, larger damage like a cracked engine block will likely require a full replacement.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Car Engine?

The price of a new engine can vary. However, you are likely in the thousand-dollar range. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, finding an engine that fits your vehicle can present challenges. Three of the largest factors in engine replacement costs are the following: what type of engine do you need, are you getting it used or new, and what is the local shop rate for an engine replacement. Just like any industry, prices are going to differ depending on where you live and the local competition. But the biggest factor on that engine replacement job is going to be what type of engine you are getting. A used engine might cost much less, but does have higher risks than a new engine.

When To Junk A Car

Sometimes a mechanic might recommend junking your car and getting something new. If there are many different problems with your vehicle, the cost of repairs might not be worth the investment. Even if the cost of a new or used car is slightly higher than the total cost of repairs, a new vehicle will likely last longer than a refurbished one. You need to consider how long you have owned your vehicle and whether it is time to move on to a new one. If you do decide to junk your current car consider bringing it to a mechanic to see if they are interested in buying any of the parts.

Engine Repair/Replacement in Everett

Everett Transmission and Auto Repair is a full-service auto repair facility right outside of Boston. If you need your engine repaired or replaced please give us a call or send us a message to make an appointment.

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