What Causes My Car To Shake When I Drive?

Does your car or truck vibrate or shake when you drive? Unless you are driving on loose gravel, this could be a sign there is an issue with your vehicle. In this article, we will cover a few of the common causes for your car to feel bumpy when driving on paved roads. If you…

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transmission fluid being poured

How Serious Is A Transmission Leak?

Staying on top of your vehicle’s fluids can greatly improve your car’s performance, prevent expensive repairs, and keep you and other motorists safe. One fluid that is extremely important to be aware of is transmission fluid. In this article, we will be covering the common causes of a transmission leak and what you should do…

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What Causes An Oil Leak?

One of the most common issues for a car or truck is an oil leak. Oil is essential in keeping things running smoothly in your vehicle, and when your car has a leak, small problems can become big problems quickly. In this article, we will cover signs of an oil leak, what causes an oil…

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Why Won’t My Car Shift Gears?

Transmission issues are common and can be dealt with by you or a professional. Anyone can prevent such problems through regular maintenance and appropriate driving. However, complications can happen out of nowhere. It can be confusing trying to figure out your transmission and how it works; continue reading below to learn about transmissions and why…

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car dashboard

Why Is My Check Engine Light Blinking?

The check engine light might be one of the most dreaded symbols on your dashboard. That being said it is invaluable at keeping you and other motorists safe. While we all hope that the light coming on is a glitch and might try and hit the dashboard or turn the car off and back on,…

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What Is A Transmission Reflash/Reprogramming?

Newer vehicles rely on computers to handle many of the mechanical components. And while technology can help our vehicles run more efficiently and make us aware when there is an issue, there can be some problems when our cars’ computers are improperly calibrated. Because of the relationship between computational technology and mechanical components, there is…

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Winter Driving Tips

It might not feel like the unseasonably warm weather we have been having this fall, but winter is around the corner. And very soon the temperatures will plummet and we will see an increased chance of both snow and ice on our roads. Icy road conditions can add extra obstacles for drivers during the winter….

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Driving Tips That Can Protect Your Brakes

Everett Transmission is located in Greater Boston, and we are consistently helping people in the area with their brakes, transmissions, engines, and more. As an auto repair shop, we always want to ensure that our clients have what they need to drive safely. One of the most important things for our team is to ensure…

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suspension repair

Common Issues With Your Car’s Suspension

The point of any suspension system is to decrease the level of bumpiness you might feel while you drive. Suspensions are designed to smooth out your ride by using shock-absorbing components. Springs and other dampers can decrease how much your car shakes as you drive. If you notice that you feel more road surface while…

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Is It Safe To Drive With A Bad Transmission?

Whether you have an automatic or manual transmission, over the lifespan of your vehicle you may notice issues with shifting gears. Your transmission experiences the most wear and tear out of all of your vehicle’s various systems. Because the transmission converts the energy from the engine into the motion of your vehicle, there is constant…

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