Medford MA Transmission Repair Services

Since 1962, Everett Transmission has been providing auto repair services for residents in Medford, MA. The mechanics at Everett Transmission specialize in various transmission services such as repairs, replacements, and adjustments. With more than 50 years of experience, we pride ourselves on the quality service we provide and the personal relationships we’ve created with our customers.

Transmission & Auto Repair Services in Medford

The Everett Transmission team is made up of well-trained and qualified automotive transmission technicians. Our mechanics strive for excellence and are ready to take on any auto issue you may encounter. Located just 4 miles from Medford, Everett Transmission understands that the New England weather can be unpredictable. Let our technicians get you back driving safely on the road and handling any conditions that mother nature will throw your way! We specialize in everything transmission, but we also handle engines, brakes, clutches, suspension, and more. Whatever your vehicle needs, we are dedicated and determined to get you the services you need.

Towing Service For Medford Vehicles

If your car or truck isn’t starting or isn’t safe to drive due to damage, we can tow it to our shop in Everett and get working on repairs. Once we get your vehicle to our shop we can start troubleshooting and performing any necessary diagnostics before getting you the repairs you need to get back on the road. To get your vehicle towed to our location please give us a call at 617-387-9558.

Best Transmission Services in Medford

At Everett Transmission, our team is always ready to help with your transmission issues. We highly recommend that as soon as you notice an issue with your vehicle, you bring it in or schedule an appointment. The difference between minor repairs and expensive replacements is when you bring your car in. Not only does waiting cause more damage and require more expensive repairs, but it also increases the risk of getting in an accident. We want everyone in the Greater Boston area to drive safely. If you need transmission services, we would be happy to help you.

Best Medford Auto Repair Services: Brakes, Clutches, Engine Work

Although our specialty is in transmission services, we provide a variety of other vehicle services. This includes everything from working on your brakes to your engine. Whatever your car, truck, or other vehicle needs, we would be happy to take a look. We provide a wide variety of auto services, but to highlight a few:

  • Brake Repair: There is nothing as important as having good brakes. Greater Boston can be dangerous to drive in, especially around the winter months. Strong brakes keep you and other drivers safe. If you need your brake pads replacedgive us a call.
  • Clutches: If your clutch is slipping, grinding, or making noise, we can take a look. Our mechanics can make the necessary adjustments or even replace your clutch kit if necessary. Make sure to check out our coupons on clutch repair and replacement services.
  • Engines: Whether your engine is smoking, or the check engine light is on, you want to handle all engine problems right away. We provide a variety of engine services to solve whatever problem is causing your engine to not function properly. We can troubleshoot and perform diagnostics to find the root of the problem.

If you are interested in learning more about our transmission and auto services or to schedule an appointment, call Everett Transmission at 617-387-9558 or by filling out our online form.

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