In 1940 GM released the first ever automatic transmission vehicle. Ever since that historic moment in automotive history, sales of manual transmission vehicles have fallen to just 7% of total car sales in the year 2012. Today, most children learn to drive an automatic transmission vehicle, and its getting more and more rare to see younger people driving manual transmissions. However, if you can learn to drive a manual transmission, it might make sense for you. Here are some benefits of driving an automatic transmission:

Price: The manual transmission version of a vehicle is typically less expansive than its automatic counterpart. This is due to less moving parts in the engine, and less demand for the vehicle. Learn to drive manual transmissions and save money on your next vehicle purchase!

Performance: Manual transmissions typically have better acceleration, less weight, and less power loss than an automatic transmission in the same car. If you are someone who loves to drive and get the most performance out of your vehicle, than manual transmissions are perfect for you.

Repair Costs: Its generally accepted in the automotive industry that an automatic transmission develops more problems than a manual transmission. As we mentioned earlier, there are more parts associated with automatic transmissions, and more parts = more problems.

Gas Savings: If you take a manual transmission and compare it to a similar make and model automatic transmission, the manual is better on gas. How much better? Over the course of the life of the two vehicles the manual can use 5%-15% less gas if driven correctly. That adds up over a 10 year span of owning a car!

If you are looking to pass down a manual transmission to your son or daughter in the Greater Boston area, bring your vehicle into Everett Transmission for repair or maintenance on your transmission!

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