There are so many different parts of an automobile that need to be taken care of in order to have it function as optimally as it possibly can. One component that reigns supreme in this regard is an automobile’s transmission. Many individuals are aware of how big a project it is to have a car’s transmission replaced but not all of these individuals are aware that there are a variety of things that automobile owners can do to delay this need for replacement. Following a few simple steps that will help maintain your transmission can ensure that your vehicle is running and shifting smoothly.

Watch Transmission Fluid

One of the most simple but effective ways to ensure that your transmission is running at peak condition is to pay attention to your vehicle’s transmission fluid. By doing this you will be able to catch any warning signs that may indicate attention being needed such as potential leaks that can become costly if not picked up upon right away.

Stay In Gear

Another tip to maintaining the health of your transmission is to make sure that your keep your car in the correct gear. By remaining aware of what gear you are driving in you can make sure that your transmission does not encounter any unnecessary stress such as that which is caused by driving fast while in low gears. For those in an automatic vehicle is it not possible to select the specific gear you are in. Although, it is recommended that individuals using an automatic vehicle make any transmission shifts (reverse to drive, drive to park, etc.) while at a complete halt.

Keep Cool

Another important thing to keep an eye on regarding your automobile’s transmission is the temperature. It is recommended that car owner’s give their care time to warm up prior to actually using it to drive. This is something that will be no surprise to individuals living in the northeast states as the colder temperatures call for this all throughout winter months. Although once the transmission is warmed up and you’re off to the races, it is important to make sure the engine remains cool. Overheating can be caused by a variety of things such as additional weight and uneven terrain. This leads to tremendous stress within the transmission which is why it is vital for those who own a car to keep their transmission cool, even if this required installing a fan or cooling system.

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