Whether you have an automatic or manual transmission, over the lifespan of your vehicle you may notice issues with shifting gears. Your transmission experiences the most wear and tear out of all of your vehicle’s various systems. Because the transmission converts the energy from the engine into the motion of your vehicle, there is constant pressure on this system. Poor driving habits combined with a lack of transmission maintenance can quickly cause damage. But even perfect drivers will eventually notice issues with their transmissions. We always recommend seeing a transmission expert right away when you notice a problem.

Can You Drive With A Bad Transmission

Technically speaking it is possible to drive with a faulty transmission, but it is not safe. If you believe there is an issue with your transmission we highly recommend getting your vehicle towed to a transmission shop that can provide repairs. Even fail-safes built into more modern vehicles do not ensure that you will be safe when you are driving. You should immediately stop driving and call a mechanic if you experience any of the following issues when driving.

No Response From Your Pedal

If your car doesn’t shift into the right gear, this is a clear sign of an issue. The problem could be mechanical, hydraulic, or electric in nature, but regardless of what is causing it, it is not safe to drive. Additionally, if your transmission is “slipping” you should not drive your vehicle. If there is a disconnect between how your car accelerates vs the sound the engine is making, it is likely your transmission is slipping into the wrong gear.

Sounds From Your Transmission

Never ignore strange sounds your car makes. If you ever hear a sound you have not heard before, that is a sign something might be wrong. Any humming, buzzing, clunking, or whining coming from your car, especially when you shift gears, are all signs that there is something wrong with your transmission. This coupled with any issues accelerating or with shuddering as your shift gears are all signs that you need to get your transmission looked at.

Leaks Under Your Car

If you notice any leaks under your car, this is a sign that there may be a lubrication problem. Poor lubrication can quickly cause friction and damage. If you notice any stains under your car in your garage or driveway, you need to see a mechanic quickly. All of your fluids including oil and transmission fluid are necessary for keeping your vehicle running smoothly.

Make A Transmission Repair Appointment in Everett

The team at Everett Transmission & Auto Repair specializes in all things transmission. If you have a question about your vehicle, please give us a call, we would be happy to help you and ensure that you are driving safely. We also provide a towing service for Greater Boston. If your car is not fit to drive, please do not risk it, give us a call and we will pick it up for you.


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