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How Serious Is A Transmission Leak?

Staying on top of your vehicle’s fluids can greatly improve your car’s performance, prevent expensive repairs, and keep you and other motorists safe. One fluid that is extremely important to be aware of is transmission fluid. In this article, we will be covering the common causes of a transmission leak and what you should do if you have a leak. If you are in the Greater Boston area, you can always count on the transmission experts at Everett Transmission to help with repairs, adjustments, and replacement services for your transmission. Give us a call or send us a contact form to get in touch with our team for repairs and more.

Common Signs You Have A Transmission Leak

One of the most obvious signs you have any type of leak is to check for puddles under your vehicle. If you notice a sign of a leak you should call a mechanic right away, regardless of what is leaking, you will want the leak fixed before it causes irreversible damage to your car or truck. However, a puddle is not immediately a sign of a transmission leak. It could be oil, it could be something else. In terms of finding out if your transmission fluid is leaking, you should check the level of your transmission fluid by using the dipstick. Another thing to be aware of is signs that your transmission is starting to perform oddly. If you notice that your transmission is making strange sounds or that it is difficult to switch gears, this could be a sign that your transmission fluid is leaking or low.

What Causes A Transmission Leak?

There are a variety of causes for a transmission leak. The first common cause is the seals having issues. The hot temperature of an engine can lead to metal or rubber seals deteriorating over time. There are also the lines that transmission fluid flows through. These lines are made to be durable and are made with aluminum or steel but they too can get damaged. Generally speaking, the component that fails and causes the leak may be easy and affordable to fix, the real issue is how long you wait to get it fixed. The longer you drive with bad transmission fluid or low transmission fluid the more damage will get done to the transmission. Performing self-inspections frequently and being highly aware of any damage to your car or truck can greatly decrease the risk of further damage.

Transmission Repair Services in Everett

If you live in the Everett area and need your transmission looked at or repaired, please give us a call. We would be happy to discuss transmission repair services in your area.

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