There are thousands of parts that make up modern-day automobiles. Ensuring that each is functioning properly makes sure that those inside the car are kept safe at all times. And although each part is important in its own way, the brakes on an automobile are one of the most crucial pieces in ensuring the safety of the vehicle’s passengers. Keeping your brakes in good condition involves replacing the brake pads when necessary. Although, the amount of time in which brake pads last varies from car to car and driver to driver. The reason for this is because there are a lot of variables that must be considered when looking at what impacts the lifespan of brake pads. This is why it is important that automobile owners educate themselves on warning signs that help indicate how long your car brakes will last as well as the variables that have an impact on the lifespan of brake pads.

Brake Wear & Tear

The first variable to be aware of it the quality and material of the brake pads themselves as this can vary from one manufacturer to the next. Each of these separate materials has their own unique qualities that will account for their individuals wear rate. In addition to this, the way you drive your automobile also plays a large impact on how long your car’s brake pads last. The reason for this is because if you drive in a way in which you are constantly slamming on your brakes, they are under more stress than if you were to drive delicately. Driving delicately doesn’t mean driving slowly at all times but rather accelerating and stopping at a more gradual rate as opposed to more sudden actions. Other than your driving habits, what you take with you when you drive can play a role in determining how long your car brakes will last. Carrying a large cargo or even a heavy trailer adds stress to brakes and can cause accelerated wearing among the pads.

Signs That You Should Replace Brakes

Even those who drive being consciously aware of their brakes will at one point or another have to replace them. This is why it is equally as important to know what signs to look out for that will indicate your brakes are due for servicing. There are a wide variety of common signals that warn car owners its time to visit your regional experts like those found t Everett Transmissions in order to help you address the issue as soon as possible. The signs include things such as turning to one side while braking, longer stopping distances, and one of the most common, a high-pitched screeching noise that will occur while braking.

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If you find that you are experiencing these or any other warning signs that your brakes need servicing, come visit Everett Transmissions today! Our staff of knowledgeable professionals can take care of your automobile’s brakes quickly and have you back on the road in no time. For more information about us and our available services, contact us today!

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