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Everett Transmission specializes in the repair and service of automotive fuel systems at our auto repair shop. The fuel system in your car or truck operates with the rest of the engine control system to minimize your vehicle’s emissions while ensuring optimal vehicle performance when driving in and around Everett ~ Boston. The fuel system should be inspected immediately at our Everett ~ Boston shop if you think there is a problem or you smell gasoline. The fuel system delivers fuel from the fuel tank to the fuel injectors, passing the fuel through a fuel filter for cleaning in the process. There is a pressure regulator in the fuel system that controls the fuel pressure to make certain the engine performs correctly under varying speeds and load conditions. When reaching the fuel injectors a metered amount of fuel is sprayed into the engine cylinders before being ignited to in turn power your car or truck. Many modern day vehicles use a return line system that returns unused fuel to the fuel tank to be re-circulated in the fuel system.

Your vehicle’s fuel system’s repair and service needs are determined by several factors that contribute to its wear and tear. Some of these include the quality of fuel used in your automobile, the age of your car or truck, mileage, Bsoton driving conditions, and maintenance history. Symptoms that you may be experiencing problems with your fuel system will include poor fuel economy, the vehicle not starting, or the “check engine” light appearing on the dashboard.

Everett Transmission is the recognized leader in Boston for the service and repair of automotive fuel systems. The mechanics in our auto repair shop are expertly trained in fuel system troubleshooting techniques and can quickly get you back on the roads of Boston if you have problems with any part of your fuel system. Our Everett shop’s service for the fuel system include fuel filter and pump installation, fuel injector testing and replacement, fuel tank cleaning and removal, and much more! So whatever your fuel system problem may be, bring your car or truck to our auto repair shop for complete fuel system repair services.

Need A Tow?

If your car won’t start or it is not safe to drive due to an issue with the engine, brakes, transmission, etc. we would be happy to pick it up for you. We provide towing services for clients in the Greater Boston area so that we can get their cars, trucks, & other vehicles back on the road. If you need a tow, give us a call! 

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Fuel System Repairs in Everett & Greater Boston

Fuel Filter Services

Our team can help clean filters, replace filters, and perform other repairs and maintenance as needed. 


Fuel Gauge Repair

Our team can help replace and repair your fuel gauge for your car or truck. 

Fuel Pump Repairs

If your fuel pump needs to be replaced, cleaned, or repaired, our team of mechanics can help. 

Custom Fuel Tanks

Our team can help with high-performance fuel injectors and custom fuel tanks. We provide installation and maintenance.

If you need your engine looked at we would be happy to see you for an appointment at Everett Transmission, we also provide a towing service throughout Greater Boston. 

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Fuel System Repair Frequently Asked Questions

Fuel system repair costs can differ greatly depending on what type of work you need done. Some factors that contribute to the total cost include what needs repairs/adjustments vs what parts need to be replaced & the make/model of your vehicle. Costs can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on the damage that needs to repaired. Our best recommendation is to talk to a local repair mechanic to get a quote on repairs.

There are a variety of causes of fuel system failure. General wear and tear / age can play a role in any vehicle system failing. However, fuel systems are also vulnerable to electrical system issues as well as fuel contaminants like dirt and other debris. Dirty fuel injectors are a common issue with fuel systems. 

Sputtering and surges from your fuel tank as well as strange whining sounds can all be signs that there is an issue with your fuel system. Another common sign that your fuel system has issues is reduced gas mileage. Like with any part of your vehicle, getting services earlier is better in the long run. 

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