Filters & Fluids Frequently Asked Questions

Is it important to change oil and oil filter on schedule important?

Yes! Everett Transmission tells our customers in the Everett ~ Boston area that lubricating a vehicle’s engine’s moving parts is the most important job of a vehicle’s motor oil. Everett Transmission tells our customers that dirty motor oil wears out engine parts much quicker and that clean motor oil cleans the inner parts of a vehicle’s engine as well as helping to cool it. Motor oil serves to seal the space between an engine’s piston rings and cylinder walls, forming enough of a seal to help prevent loss of power and increase and engine’s operating economy.

Changing an engine’s oil without replacing the oil filter can result in the new oil picking up the contaminants trapped in the old oil filter and recirculating them to the engine’s moving parts.

Change the oil and oil filter before leaving the Everett ~ Boston area for an extended road trip. The more contaminated the oil, the faster a vehicle’s engine will consume it. Frequently having an oil and filter change by the staff at Everett Transmission is an effective way to increase the life of your vehicle – one of your most expensive and valuable possessions. The auto repair mechanics at Everett Transmission recommend changing your car’s oil and oil filter every 3,000-5,000 miles.

What is the difference between synthetic and conventional oil?

Occasionally a customer of Everett Transmission will ask us if they would be better off driving around the Everett ~ Boston area with synthetic motor oil instead of conventional motor oil inside their vehicle. Our automotive repair technicians will them that aside from serving its primary purpose of lubricating and protecting the moving parts inside a vehicle’s engine, motor oil is also intended to assist in ensuring the engine is cooled and operating cleanly. In the most ideal Everett ~ Boston driving conditions, moving at a constant highway speed, vehicle manufacturer recommended conventional oils work fine. Unfortunately for many driving the roads around the Everett ~ Boston area, such ideal driving conditions are seldom the situation. When driving around the streets of greater Everett ~ Boston in stop and go traffic, extreme hot and cold temperatures, short excursions, and when hauling or towing heavy loads, the health of a vehicle can benefit from the extra protection provided by synthetic automotive motor oil.

The difference between synthetic and conventional motor oil is that while conventional motor oil is derived from crude oil removed from the earth and processed in a refinery, motor oils that are synthetic originate from “synthesized” materials which results in delivering more performance benefits, including:

A reduction in deposits in the engine that are “by-products” of an engine’s combustion process
Increased thickness (viscosity) at extremely high temperatures
Easier engine starting in very cold temperatures due to better ease of flow than conventional oil
Less tendency to break down at extreme temperatures, commonly referred to as “volatility”
Significantly better protection from engine wear
Everett Transmission tells all of our customers in the Everett ~ Boston area that they should think that there should be any difference in time between oil changes when using a synthetic motor oil over a conventional one. While it is proven that synthetic oil provides better protection for a vehicle, having an oil change done according to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation is still the best option for protecting the overall performance and life of a vehicle.

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