As Greater Boston’s leading transmission shop, we hear questions every day about transmissions. The most common questions usually revolve around the concept of a slipping transmission. A slipping transmission is a general term for what happens when a car switches gears due to issues with the transmission and clutch. If you notice an issue with slipping, you should immediately set up a transmission maintenance appointment. Transmissions problems have a tendency to go from minor to major quickly, and catching problems early can save money and keep you and other drivers safe.

What Does A Slipping Transmission Feel Like?

The key to catching auto problems early is to know the signs of an issue with your vehicle. A slipping transmission feels like your car is staying in one gear and suddenly shifts gears for no apparent reason. This can cause sounds from the engine like whirring, whining, or a change in pitch. Additionally, you will likely notice that it feels like your car is underpowered or isn’t accelerating correctly.

How Do You Fix A Slipping Transmission?

A slipping transmission is caused by a variety of different issues. Most of the time, it is because gears have been worn down over time. A common solution is to check your transmission fluid. If transmission fluid is low (potentially due to a leak) or is no longer the right hue, it is likely causing a problem with your gears. In electric cars, it is important to perform electronic diagnostics and make sure there isn’t a computer issue.

Can You Drive A Car With A Slipping Transmission?

Driving with a car that has a slipping transmission is not recommended. Although it is possible to drive a vehicle with a slipping transmission, every additional mile is likely causing greater damage to your transmission. This will both highly increase the repairs needed to fix your vehicle and could lead to transmission failure which would be extremely unsafe for the driver and other drivers in the area. Similar to having a brake issue, as soon as you notice an issue with your transmission you should call a mechanic.

How Much Does it Cost To Fix A Slipping Transmission?

The cost of fixing a slipping transmission is wholly reliant on when the problem is caught and how much damage was done to the transmission. In some cases, transmission kits are replaced or rebuilt, and in other cases, they just need to be adjusted and the fluid needs to be changed out. On average a transmission rebuild will run a driver anywhere from $2,500 to $4,000 depending on the make and model of the car. On the other end, fixing a leak can cost as low as $150 to $200.

Get Transmission Repairs In Boston

Everett Transmission has been rebuilding, repairing, and replacing transmissions in Everett for decades. We would be happy to take a look at your vehicle if you have an issue with your transmission. And with our online scheduler, it is easy to set up an appointment.

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