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Everett Transmission is a leading auto repair shop in Everett for the service, replacement, and repair of auto engines. The team of mechanics at our auto repair shop understands that the engine is the very heart of your car or truck. A reliable engine is necessary to drive safely throughout Greater Boston. The starter in your car or truck is what sets the engine in motion. The starter is connected to and turns the engine flywheel, which in sets the engine crankshaft in motion. The crankshaft then begins the process of moving the engine’s pistons up and down in their respective cylinders. The engine itself is made up of two parts, the upper part being called the cylinder head, the lower part being called the cylinder block.

The goal of our Everett automotive center is to keep the engine in your automobile in top performance condition. Our staff of auto technicians are professionally trained and certified in every aspect of auto engine repair and maintenance. From overhauls to tune-ups, engine troubleshooting, timing adjustments, performance and diesel engine repair, engine rebuild and replacement service, our auto repair shop does it all.

Auto Repair & Engine Repair Services in Everett:

Camshaft Repair

A vehicle’s camshaft is a spinning cylindrical piece of metal that acts as a timing device. A camshaft controls the opening and closing of the intake and exhaust valves. The camshaft is a vital part of a car’s engine. Due to wear and tear, a camshaft may need to be repaired or in some cases replaced.

Engine Replacement

Much like transmissions, sometimes it is better to replace than to repair. When extensive damage is done to your engine, it can be more cost-effective and safer for your engine to be fully replaced.

Oil Pan Gaskets

An oil pan gasket attaches to the bottom portion of the engine block, it prevents oil from leaking. If you notice leaking oil under your vehicle, it is likely you need your oil pan gasket replaced.

Piston Ring Replacement

In a combustion engine, piston rings provide a seal to the combustion chamber so that combustion gas does not leak into the area between the piston and the chamber. Like any part of the engine, frequent use can cause piston rings to wear down and break.

Timing Chains & Belts

If your engine misfires or the engine rattles while idling, these are both signs that you may have an issue with your timing chain. Your timing chain or belt connects the camshaft to the crankshaft controlling the opening and closing of valves.

Valve Adjustments

During a regular engine check, it is important to check and adjust valves in your engine. Over time valve stems can get out of alignment and they will need slight adjustments to ensure valves are working properly.

Connecting Rod Bearings

A bent or twisted connecting rod can cause misalignment within your engine. This can cause metal-to-metal contact which leads to excessive wear and tear on your engine. Installing connecting rod bearings can keep components aligned.

Front Crankshaft Oil Seal

A faulty crankshaft seal can lead to oil leakage. Front crankshaft oil seals seal the end of the crankshaft at the front of the engine, and prevent oil from leaking.

Rear Main Seal Replacement

The rear main seal is used to seal the area between the back of the crankshaft where it comes in contact with the transmission. A broken seal can lead to an excessive oil leak.

Timing Cover

The timing cover protects your vehicle’s timing belt or timing chain from debris that is kicked up off a road like gravel. Damage to the timing cover could result in damage to your timing belt or chain.

Crankshaft Repair

The crankshaft is a rotating shaft that works with the pistons to turn their motion into rotating motion. The crankshaft uses a series of crankpins and connecting rods to convert motion from the pistons.

Head Gaskets

The head gasket sits at the front of the engine between the engine block and cylinder heads. It is designed to suppress oil or coolant leakage from the engine. It may need to be replaced if you have an oil leak.

Oil Pump Replacement

The oil pump within an engine circulates oil to the pistons, rotating bearings, and to the camshaft. This keeps your engine lubricated and avoids excessive damage. If your oil pump is faulty it can cause a lot of damage to the engine.

Timing Gears Replacement

Timing gears work with the crankshaft and camshaft to control valve timing within the engine. Issues with timing can be caused by a variety of factors including belts, chains, and valves. All of these components will be looked at if there is an issue with timing in your engine.

If you need your engine looked at we would be happy to see you for an appointment at Everett Transmission, we also provide a towing service throughout Greater Boston. 

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Engine Repair Frequently Asked Questions

While you are out driving you may notice that your check engine light comes on. This warning is one of the most important and most vital signals your vehicle can give you. The light will come on when there is any issue sensed by your car about your vehicle. While it is possible for the light to glitch, you should always err on the side of safety and make an appointment if your light comes on. 

Your check engine light might begin to flash if there is a serious issue with your engine or vehicle. If your check engine light is flashing avoid driving (except to an auto repair shop) and if you do drive, avoid driving at high speeds. 

Your timing belt may need to be changed every 60,000-120,000 miles. 

Engine rebuild and replacement costs can differ based on the type of car you have and the parts you will need. Generally speaking repairs can run $2,500 to $4,000 (not including labor costs). New engines can cost anywhere from $3,500 to much higher depending on the type of engine your vehicle needs. 

If your engine begins to overheat, you should stop driving as soon as possible. Find a safe place to pull over to the side of the road and stop driving. You should call for someone to pick you up and tow your vehicle as driving with an overheated engine can be very dangerous for your vehicle. 

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