Summer in New England is the perfect time for hitting the open road and traveling with the family! If the only issue keeping you from getting back out there is engine problems with your vehicle, we may be able to help.

At Everett Transmission we’re an Everett and Boston leader for service, replacement, and repair of auto engines. Here are just a few of the many services provided by well trained and knowledgeable staff:

Timing Chain – Have you noticed pieces of metal shavings or plastic pieces in your oil, Incorrect ignition timing, or a rattling noise from front of the engine, especially at idle? Then you probably have an issue with your timing chain, and it may be time to get a replacement installed. This will only continue to cause timing issues for your engine.

Oil Pump Replacement- Between decreased oil pressure and a higher engine operating temperature, you may have a bigger issue than someone with a worn down timing chain. A faulty or damaged oil pump is most likely your issue. If the pump can’t regulate oil pressure, and the engine isn’t receiving the proper amount of oil, it can ruin your car’s engine.

Piston Rings – If your car is experiencing low power and a decrease in acceleration, or even white or gray exhaust smoke it’s time to get your piston rings replaced. Have one of our certified professionals perform a compression test as soon as possible!

When these repairs aren’t enough, it may be time for a new engine. For all your engine repair and replacement needs, call Everett Transmission at 617-387-9558 or contact us online! If you’re planning on taking a road trip this summer or cruising to the beach, be sure your family is safe in a car with a healthy and functioning engine.

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