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Everett Transmission is the leading service and repair provider in Everett Massachusetts for your automotive differential service and repair needs. Over the last few decades, our Transmission shop has served thousands of Massachusetts drivers for a variety of auto services. If you have issues with your differential we can help. The differential is the part of your vehicle’s drivetrain that enables your left and right wheels to turn at different speeds when making turns. The differential is positioned between two wheels and attached to each wheel by an axle shaft. There are a variety of signs that your differential needs repairs including vibrations, gear grinding sounds, damage to the tires, and difficulty steering. If you have issues with your differential or want some troubleshooting please click here to schedule an appointment.

Differential Fluid Replacement in Everett

Every 30,000 to 60,000 miles you will need your differential fluid replaced. Our mechanics can quickly change out your fluid. Like many car components, your differential needs fluid in order to lubricate the system and preventing grinding and eventual damage. Going too long without a fluid change could lead to expensive damage to your differential. Aside from expenses, driving with a damaged differential can be dangerous. If you need your differential fluid changed, please call Everett Transmission to set up an appointment.

Differential Part Replacements in Everett

If your differential is damaged, it may require replacement parts. This will need to be done if there has been extensive damage to your differential over time. The price of differential replacement services is based on what parts need to be replaced. At Everett Transmission we can perform full rear differential replacement services. We provide gear replacements as well. For more information please contact our team, a technician can tell you more about our replacement parts.

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Whether it’s your differential, your transmission, or something else, if something’s wrong with your car or truck, we would be happy to look at it for you. Simply contact our team or set up an appointment and we will get to the bottom of your car troubles.

Our services for transmission service include the following:

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