At Everett Transmission, we know how crucial your vehicles transmission system is to the overall health of your car, truck, or SUV. After all, transmission is in our name. Throughout our decades of experience helping vehicle owners repair and replace their transmission, we’ve noticed a few common mistakes that are made that end up reeking havoc on their transmission. If you are a vehicle owner who maintains their vehicles transmission, or is looking to learn more about transmissions, keep a look out for these common mistakes.

  • Running On Low Transmission Fluid: Transmissions that fun on low transmission fluid will run into problems sooner rather than later. These machines require fluid in order to lubricate its many moving parts, provide hydraulic fluid pressure, an cool itself off. If you have optimal fluid levels then you transmission will be working just as it should, but if you have too little, you’re transmission will have to work overtime to compensate.
  • Ignoring Problems: Remember when you were younger and you would put off going to the doctor’s office if you were feeling unwell. Maybe you parents or friends told you you should take the day off of work and see a doctor but you were too stubborn. Eventually you go, get  prescribed an antibiotic, and you’re fine in a few weeks, you kick yourself for not going sooner. The same story goes for transmission problems. If you sense something is out of order with your transmission, get it checked our ASAP! If the problem is caught soon enough, it can be taken care of for less, if you wait too long, more damage can be caused.
  • Transmission Overheating: Industry professionals believe that 90% of transmission failures are due to transmission overheating. It is estimated that for every 20 degree increase in fluid temperature can cut your transmissions life in half. What can cause a transmission overheating? Well other factors such as transmission slipping or a defective solenoid. If you use your truck to tow, heavy towing can cause it too. So remember, if you think there is something wrong with your transmission, get it looked at!

If you are looking to get your transmission repaired or replaced and live in the greater Boston area, contact Everett Transmission today to schedule your service.


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