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Best Clutch Repair & Installation Services in Boston

Everett Transmission has been serving Greater Boston’s drivers for over 50 years. Our team of mechanics has seen it all and handled it all. No matter what you drive, if you have an issue with your transmission, brakes, or clutch, we can help. We handle a wide variety of makes and models including both domestic and foreign vehicles. As a transmission shop, we often repair and install clutch kits for vehicles that utilize manual transmissions. If you have an issue with your clutch, please give us a call or click below to use our online appointment scheduler.

Our Clutch Repair & Installation Services Include:

Clutch Kit Installation in Everett

Clutch replacement is often the most cost-effective way to solve issues with a manual transmission. Excessive damage to the mechanical components of your clutch kit will often require a replacement kit instead of repairs. Although in some cases specific pieces like a clutch slave cylinder or a clutch plate can be swapped out, it is often safer and cheaper to fully replace the clutch kit all at once. If your manual truck or car is struggling to change gears, slipping out of gears, or the clutch is getting stuck, you should bring your car in for a full inspection.

Clutch Slave Cylinder Repair/Replacement in Everett

One of the key components of a clutch is the clutch slave cylinder. This component disengages the clutch by using hydraulics to extend a rod that pushes on the throw-out bearing arm which in turn pushes on the clutch plate. Signs that you need a new clutch slave cylinder include leaking from the clutch onto the engine bay, contaminated brake fluid, and abnormal clutch pedal feel. If you notice any of these signs, you may need some repairs.

How To Know If Your Clutch Needs Repairs

If you drive with a manual transmission, you need to take good care of your clutch. Like many car components, monitoring and catching issues early can keep you safe and save you money in terms of repairs/replacements. Here are a few of the most common signs that your clutch needs repairs.

  • Burning Smell: If you smell a burning smell or see smoke coming from the hood of your vehicle it is likely there is a mechanical issue. Granted, this can also be caused by driving in slow traffic while using a manual transmission, and there is no shortage of slow traffic in Greater Boston. But if you smell a burning smell often, you should bring your car in for an inspection.
  • Sticky Clutch: If your clutch doesn’t return to its normal position, is difficult to move, or provides excessive resistance you may have an issue with the hydraulic linkage utilized by the clutch. This is usually solved with a relatively simple adjustment. Left unchecked it may require a replacement of the clutch plate and the clutch linkage.
  • Slipping Gears: If your vehicle frequently slips out of gears or lurches forward when you shift gears it could be a sign of a faulty clutch plate. This would require a new clutch plate. Another cause of slipping gears is an oil leak that is causing excessive lubrication to your clutch plate. Either way, if your vehicle slips gears, you should schedule an appointment with a mechanic.

Replace Your Clutch Today with Everett Transmission

If you need your clutch kit replace or repaired, we can help. Contact Everett Transmission today to set up a maintenance appointment. Have questions? Give us a call to get more information on clutch repair and troubleshooting.

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