Unlike a few decades ago when you bought a car and it was outfitted with a default stock transmission and engine combination, nowadays car buyers have a large array of both transmission and engines to choose between, more than ever before car manufacturers are developing a wide range of choices to fit automobile owners who live varying lifestyles. This automobile owner lifestyle is not something that was taken into consideration by manufacturers in the past as most vehicle’s only option was to default to that standard transmission and engine section but now individuals living any lifestyle can get the most out of their automobile.

Transmission & Engine Benefits

Not only will choosing a transmission and engine that fits your automobiles lifestyle help you get the most out of your vehicle, it will also help make your experience driving in the car that much more economical and enjoyable. Nowadays making the right decision can seem like an overwhelming task with some automobiles having a wide variety of options for you to choose from. What is relieving for most individuals to learn is that they do not need to necessarily know a lot about the available transmissions and engine, only how they intend to use them. If you are someone who tows a trailer once every few years, it’s not logical for you to get the most powerful selection as your vehicle is not put under that amount of work as often as others may be. Simple considerations like this turn a daunting task into one that is both easy and eye-opening for those in charge.

What to Consider

One of the first things to consider when choosing a transmission and engine is if you commute or take long road trips. Individuals who take long roads trips or commute on a regular basis expose their car to highway mileage which leads to higher noise levels and gas usage. This scenario can be minimized by choosing a smaller engine or even a manual transmission as they can differ by up to 500 rpms even at average highway speeds.

Another important consideration to take into account is how often you will need to use your vehicle to tow something. Individuals who complete a lot of towing would be smart to make use of a larger engine such as a V8. Those who do not tow on a regular basis may get away with having a smaller engine as it will not be under continued stress.


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