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Charlestown is the oldest neighborhood in Boston. And as the oldest area of Boston, the roads were initially designed to host horses and carriages. The roads have been adapted and upgraded since then, and are now often packed with cars during rush hour traffic. Charlestown is known for the bunker hill monument and the navy yard. It is also located only 3 miles from Everett Transmission’s shop across the harbor. So if you have car troubles and live in Charlestown, take a quick trip to Everett to have your transmission, brakes, and engine fixed.

Transmission Kit Replacement for Charlestown MA

Everett Transmission started out exclusively as a transmission stop. And although we have expanded to offer a large variety of car services our specialty is still in fixing transmissions. If you have an issue shifting gear or your transmission is vibrating or shuddering, you should have it taken care of quickly. Generally, an adjustment is preferred over a complete kit replacement. A kit replacement is much more expensive than a simple adjustment and the quicker you have your transmission fixed the less risk you are in of a breakdown or doing more damage to the rest of your car.

Brake Repair & Replacement for Charlestown MA

One of the most important parts of any Boston driver’s vehicle is their brakes. Brakes not only keep you safe, but they also keep fellow drivers and pedestrians safe. Boston is known for some stressful driving conditions especially in the Charlestown and downtown areas where people are merging on and off 93 and route 1. So if you are hearing sounds when you brake, or your stopping distance has increased, you need to get your brakes checked. Swing by our garage in Everett and get your brake pads replaced.

Get Your Engine Serviced in Everett

Whatever car problems you are having, the team at Everett Transmission can help. Our team can troubleshoot and provide solutions for a variety of problems including engine problems, drivetrain problems, and suspension problems. Don’t know what’s wrong, that’s no problem, visit our website’s FAQs to learn more about common problems and their solutions. At Everett Transmission we are dedicated to providing honest work and high-quality service to drivers from all around Massachusetts.

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For drivers throughout Boston, if you have car troubles visit Everett Transmission. Our team would be happy to answer any questions about your car and make sure you get the service you need to drive safely. You can schedule an appointment online or call us at 617-658-3270.

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