Charlestown MA Engine & Transmission Repair

Just over the Malden Bridge from our location in Everett, MA,  we can easily offer our services to motorists of the Charlestown, MA area. Located only four miles away, Charlestown is home to just over 16,000 residents as well as many commuters who park and work in and around Boston. With Everett and Charlestown being in close proximity to each other, we owe much of our success to helping our customers from this community!

We have more than 50 years of expertise in transmission and automotive repair services with highly trained expert staff. Some of our most needed services for residents of Charlestown MA are:

Transmission Service

Clutch Service

Engine Service

Brake Repair

Charlestown has many individuals who park and take the subway from the Sullivan Square Station. There are approximately 10,125 boardings from the Charlestown station on a typical weekday. Many of these riders have run into car troubles returning to their vehicles after a long work day. A few instances could have occurred from extensive heat, bitter cold, or another mechanical problem that unexpectedly happened. Luckily, the professionals at Everett Transmission can be of assistance for any auto repairs or transmission problems you have!

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