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Common Issues With Your Car’s Suspension

The point of any suspension system is to decrease the level of bumpiness you might feel while you drive. Suspensions are designed to smooth out your ride by using shock-absorbing components. Springs and other dampers can decrease how much your car shakes as you drive. If you notice that you feel more road surface while…

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How To Prepare & Maintain your Suspension This Winter

It is December in Boston which means a few things: the city is filled with holiday parties and lights while the roads are covered in road salt and ice. Car maintenance in the winter is vital for drivers in New England. Whether you drive a truck, car, or bus you need to be aware of…

Car driving in autumn

Why You Should Have Your Car Checked This Fall

As a New England car shop, we love the fall. Fall is a time for apple picking, pumpkin carving, trick or treating with your kids, and of course driving through New England and seeing the beautiful changing leaves. However, those leaves that look beautiful on the trees can cause a real problem for drivers. With…

All About Your Suspension

If you are new to owning vehicles, are just starting to teach yourself the inner-works of cars, trucks, or SUVs, you may not know much about suspension systems. The purpose of suspension systems are to maximize the friction between the surface of the road and your vehicles tires. This creates a more enjoyable ride for passengers…

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