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Driving Tips That Can Protect Your Brakes

Everett Transmission is located in Greater Boston, and we are consistently helping people in the area with their brakes, transmissions, engines, and more. As an auto repair shop, we always want to ensure that our clients have what they need to drive safely. One of the most important things for our team is to ensure…

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How To Check Your Brakes

As an auto repair shop in the Greater Boston area, we want to make sure that everyone is driving safely. One key to safe driving is having reliable brakes. Stopping power is very important when driving in and around a dense metropolitan area. This is especially true in New England where we have wet leaves…

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2020 Guide to Auto Repair In Greater Boston

In a year where public transportation has been shut down for periods of time or was difficult to book, car owners have had to rely a lot more heavily on their vehicles. As a family-owned auto shop in Everett Massachusetts, we want everyone to drive safely in Greater Boston. Whether you are an Uber driver…

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Why You Should Have Your Car Checked This Fall

As a New England car shop, we love the fall. Fall is a time for apple picking, pumpkin carving, trick or treating with your kids, and of course driving through New England and seeing the beautiful changing leaves. However, those leaves that look beautiful on the trees can cause a real problem for drivers. With…

4 Signs You Need To Have Your Brakes Serviced

Driving with bad brakes is not just unsafe for the driver, but also for everyone on the road and nearby pedestrians. Having working brakes is vital to driving, whether you live in a city, suburb, or small town. You should never ignore signs that your brakes are beginning to fail, and should always make brake…

Pros and Cons For Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS)

Anti-lock brakes come standard in most car models. They are designed to allow drivers to have more control when braking on sleek services due to rain or icy conditions. They provide many benefits to drivers, however, there are some drawbacks to anti-lock brakes that should be noted. It is important for drivers to be aware…

How You Can Check Your Automobile’s Brake Pads

Modern cars have become so advanced in today’s day and age that they are made up of numerous parts that most automobile owners have never heard of. Although, one part of the car that many individuals are well aware of is the brakes. Despite the fact that all of the parts of a car are…

How Long Do Car Brakes Last?

There are thousands of parts that make up modern-day automobiles. Ensuring that each is functioning properly makes sure that those inside the car are kept safe at all times. And although each part is important in its own way, the brakes on an automobile are one of the most crucial pieces in ensuring the safety…

Signs That Your Automobile Needs New Brakes

One of the most crucial systems to have working optimally within any automobile is the brake system because it plays a vital roll in keeping you and the occupants inside your vehicle safe from harm. As you drive in and around the streets of Everett ~ Boston the automotive brake system wears down over time…

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