Brockton Auto Repair & Transmission Services

For decades the team at Everett Transmission has been working with local drivers to help ensure that they can drive safely. We handle all sorts of repairs and adjustments from brakes to engines to, of course, transmissions. We see people from all over Greater Boston. In fact, many people who commute into the city will often bring their vehicles to us. So if you live in Brockton or the surrounding area and would like to have work done on your car or truck, please give us a call or set up an appointment. We pride ourselves on providing great services at fair prices and being Greater Boston’s most trustworthy mechanics. So many of our customers over the years have left positive messages on Google/Yelp about our services and our dedication to clear communication and great customer service.

Towing Service For Brockton Drivers

We provide towing services in Greater Boston to our location in Everett. In some cases, cars will not start or are unsafe to drive. In these instances, you can call our team to provide a tow. To be clear we only providing towing services from your location to our auto repair shop. If you need maintenance on your vehicle and would like to see if we can come out and pick it up please give us a call at 617-387-9558. We would be happy to provide towing to our shop where we can your vehicle fixed and back on the road.

Best Transmission Services for Brockton Drivers

We specialize in transmission repair, adjustment, replacement, and more. Whether you drive a foreign vehicle, domestic vehicle, car or truck, we can help. For decades our team has provided repairs and replacement transmission kits for vehicles. We highly recommend making appointments early. As soon as you notice an issue with your transmission you should consider an appointment. The earlier you see a specialist, the less likely you are to do more damage to your vehicle.

Best Brockton Auto Services: Brakes, Clutches, Engine Work

Although we specialize in all things transmission, we are more than capable to handle any other car troubles. At Everett Transmission, we handle auto repair services including:

  • Brakes: There is nothing as important as driving safely, especially in Greater Boston. Our roads can get very hazardous due to ice, wet leaves, and similar issues. Having stopping power can be the difference between safety and an accident. If you need your brakes repaired or replaced, please give us a call.
  • Clutches: Just like with any vehicle transmission if you have an issue with your clutch you need it to be solved right away. We provide full clutch repair and replacement services. If you notice that your clutch is acting strange, please give us a call today for clutch repair and replacement.
  • Engines: We can manage a variety of engine issues. If you have an issue with your engine, the check engine light is on, or you are worried you need your engine fully replaced due to a crack in the engine block, we can help.

The team at Everett Transmission is dedicated to providing the best services for auto repair to drivers in Greater Boston. No matter what you drive, we would be happy to answer any questions and make an appointment for you at our location in Everett. Just give us a call or fill out our online appointment form and we will see you at our location in Everett.

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