Brake Repair

Everett Transmission provides a wide range of repair services for both import and domestic automotive brake systems at our auto repair shop in Everett Massachusetts. Our team of auto mechanics always want to make sure drivers understand how important the brake system in their car or truck is in keeping them and their passengers safe. It is vital that every driver understand that the components in their brake system are not designed to last for the life of your vehicle and wear down over time. The pads (aka shoes) are the most common brake replacement service we do at our shop. This is because every time you depress your pedal the brake pad material wears down against the brake rotor. If the brake pads are allowed to wear down for too long the underlying metal surface of the pads will contact your brakes’ metal rotors (aka drums). This will not only result in an unsafe driving situation, but will require additional service for repairs. Like with transmission services, we recommend that all of our customers get serviced as early as possible to avoid permanent damage and expensive repairs.


Brake Inspections in Everett Massachusetts

If you notice issues with your brakes, but don’t know what is wrong, you can always schedule a quick inspection at Everett Transmission. We believe it is always better safe than sorry, so if you notice decreased stopping power, increased stopping distance, or other issues with your brakes like high-pitched sounds, you should swing by our shop. We can troubleshoot and diagnose issues with your brake, and provide affordable brake maintenance.

The technicians at our auto service center are trained and certified to service all types of front and rear brake systems. One of our trained car mechanics will provide you with a thorough brake inspection at our Everett service center to make certain both your front and rear brakes are working properly. Additionally, we can provide you with a brake problem diagnosis that will give you service options and a brake repair cost estimate. Our mechanics specialize in everything from brake rotor servicing to brake cylinder and pad replacement, as well as problems with Anti-Lock Brake Systems. We offer a variety of services for brake repair, so even if you do not know what is wrong, we can help.


Our Everett Brake Repair Services Include:

ABS Brake Repair in Everett

If your ABS brake light is on, we can help you fix it. Anti-lock braking systems (ABS Brakes) are an anti-skid braking system that prevents your brakes from locking when they brake. Like any brake system, they deal with general wear and tear. It is important to pay attention to the signs of brake failure. Of course, your ABS light on your dashboard is one of your most important indicators. However, other signs including unresponsive brake pedals, brakes that require extra pressure to work, and brakes locking up, are all signs you should make an appointment for brake maintenance.

Brake Fluid Change In Greater Boston

Like all of your vehicle’s fluids, brake fluid is vital to driving safely. There is not a set time to change your brake fluid as it will depend on your driving habits and conditions. You should consider your vehicle’s manufacturer’s instructions for brake fluid change. However, a general rule of thumb is to have your mechanic check during an oil change or every four to five years.

Brake Lines Replacement Service

Your brake lines corrode both on the inside and outside over time. Specifically, road debris causes deterioration as it is kicked up from the asphalt into your brake lines. Because drivers are keeping their vehicles longer, it is more likely that you will run into an issue with your brake lines. The signs of brake line failure are similar to other brake issues, so if you notice any issues with your brakes, you can always let our technicians perform an inspection.

Brake Replacement Service

At Everett Transmission we pride ourselves on providing Boston and Everett drivers with the right amount of service for the right price. Whenever possible we will work on replacing the parts of your brakes that need replacing like your brake pads. However, in some cases, entire brake systems will need to be replaced when extensive damage is done. This is why we recommend all drivers to be aware of when they notice issues with their vehicles.

Front & Rear Brake Maintenance

Everett Transmission can service both your front and rear brake systems. If you notice an issue with either your front or your rear brakes, our team can help diagnose and solve it for you. Aside from brake warning lights, if your vehicle pulls to one side or another when braking instead of stopping in a straight line, that may be a sign that you have an issue with your brake system.

Brake Adjustment

Like any part of your vehicle, your brake system can become misaligned. A simple realignment and adjustment can solve this problem quickly. A driver may not notice this issue directly unless they notice that their car is pulling to one side when stopping. Generally, we will find this misalignment in our brake inspection.

Brake Rotors/Drum Maintenance

Although brake pad issues are the most common problems with your brakes, your rotors or drums can also get damaged. They will most likely get damaged because a driver does not replace their brake pads when they notice an issue. Grinding metal between your rotors or drums with the rest of your brake system not only will cause expensive damage, but it could eventually cause total brake failure if not addressed.

High-Performance Brakes

High-performance brakes are a catchall term for brake systems that are designed to improve the brake system. Special lightweight materials and custom brake pads are used to create higher performance brakes. Generally, these products are more expensive and are used in custom vehicles.

Brake Bleeding

Brake bleeding is a technique that removes small air bubbles from your brake lines in a hydraulic brake system. Any air in your brake fluid will lower the performance of your brakes. This method is often used when brake flushing or purging during a regular brake maintenance appointment.

Brake Kits in Everett

Our shop in Everett is fully outfitted with all of the supplies we need to repair and replace brake systems for a variety of vehicle types. Whether you are driving a foreign or domestic vehicle, our team has the tools needed to fix or replace sections of your brake system.

Brake Pads/Shoes

One of our most common services at Everett Transmission is replacing worn down brake pads or “shoes”. Your brake pads are not designed to last a lifetime. Every time they are used, the friction needed to stop your car causes small amounts of deterioration to your brake pads. If you notice issues with stopping power or stopping distance, most of the time it is because of faulty brake pads. Set up an appointment to get them replaced.

Disc Brake Repair

Compared to drums, disc brakes are lightweight and are often used for front-wheel brakes in trucks and other vehicles. Much like drums and rotors, if your brake pad wears too far down, you could damage the disc over time, and need it replaced or repaired.

Parking Emergency Brake

Your emergency brake is a vital component of your vehicle. Drivers most often use this brake system when leaving their car parked on a slope or hill, and it is vital that it works. Emergency brakes are also a failsafe for your brake system if it fails, so if you notice any issues using your parking brake, you should come see our mechanics.

Know The Signs Of Brake Failure

Our auto mechanics stress to each of our customers the importance of knowings signs of brake failure. Not only does catching brake issues early save you money on repairs, but it could also save your life. Simply being aware of the warning signs of potential brake failure can keep you and other drivers safe. Some common indications of brake problems may include the appearance of the brake warning light on your dashboard, brake fluid that is either low or dirty, grinding noises, a “spongy” feeling when depressing your brake pad, and sounds when braking.

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